This is Why Folks Like Trump and Hate the GOP Establishment

“Sunday on Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’ Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said if the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton attacks him as sexist, it is ‘fair game’ to bring up her husband former President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.” (H/T: Breitbart)

This is why people like Trump, even though they know he’s not a rocked-rib conservative. Like them, I think some of Trump’s policies are a disaster and is more of a pragmatist than a constitutionalist.

This is why I like Trump. He’s befuddled the media. He’s left so-called political decorum behind. He’s taken the fight to the enemy, and liberals are our political enemies.

If Ted Cruz, for one, wants to win the nomination and bury Hillary Clinton, then he must do the same.

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Donald Trump is willing to do battle where the battle is raging. Can you imagine John McCain or Mitt Romney taking on Hillary in this way? I suspect that Romney was told by his consultants to back off in his second debate with Obama

Bill Clinton had a sex problem. He took advantage of a young intern. There were numerous allegations of rape. A Republican president would have gone down in flames if he had done anything similar. Everyone knows it.




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