This is What Socialism REALLY Is

The brilliant pundit, thinker, and activist Matt Kibbe has begun producing a new series of short videos in an effort to help enlighten his fellow citizens. In recent months he’s done a handful of some very interesting videos, and a few in particular have focused in on this weird new political idea we call… Socialism.

Kibbe explains that we cannot believe the liberals when they try to repackage socialism into something warm and fuzzy. Their ideas, their philosophies, and their plans are the same old ideas, philosophies, and plans that statist liberals have been pushing for over a hundred years. Just because “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] has decided to call it “Democratic Socialism” doesn’t actually mean it’s any different from last year’s plain progressivism. Or last decade’s European Socialism. Or last century’s National Socialism and Communism. These philosophies are all tied together and their ideas are all simple repackagings of the same tired, useless, and vain strivings of the morally bankrupt socialist/communists that lay dead and broken throughout history.

It never works. And for very good reason. Please take a few minutes, learn from Matt Kibbe, and then share these videos with anyone who will listen.

Socialism 101:

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Socialism Kills:

No Satisfaction in Socialism:

Is Socialism actually a Dictatorship?:

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