This is the True Breadth of Trump’s Election That Will Never be Reported

The Breadth of Trump’s Election

Hidden beneath all the complaints and anti-Trumpisms, which range from his inherent incompetence to his possible incurable bout with neurosyphilis, the breadth of it all becomes harder to ignore for those who not only voted for this businessman but also for Americans who retain an iota of curiosity.

During this past month of positive developments, one dreadful image keeps nudging at my serenity: what if Hillary had won?  With those five words, a scene unfolds that would be completely opposite from what is now taking place.  And there in lies that breadth.

Has anyone noticed the intensity of this Trump “push back?” Comparisons of then versus now are breath-taking to the point of embarrassment and shock.  Where was all this vindictive sleuthing during the last eight years?  More revealing, while those Obama years deserved such intense regard, the aggressiveness of today’s media never materializes.

Given this recent emphasis against fake reporting, how is it that the one major media thrust is based upon such suppositions?  When one remembers Romney’s treatment, for mentioning Russia as a possible enemy, today’s fakery product is emblematic of its arrogant disregard for its reader/viewership.

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The unrelenting fake reporting of Russia’s 2016 Presidential election tomfoolery transferred into Michael Flynn’s possible shenanigans with Russian officials prior to taking office.  Now, having taken credit for Flynn’s ouster, which in reality had nothing to do with his Russian communiqués but all to do with the quality of his reporting to the Vice President, our media is now hell bent for a Congressional investigation into Trump’s possible Russian dealings.

Does anyone remember when Hillary Clinton arranged for the sale of twenty percent of America’s uranium assets to Russian based firms?  Or how about that media driven “no stones left unturned” investigation of President Obama’s whispering that “I’ll have more flexibility after my re-election.”  How many headlines detailed the discoveries from those “uranium” or “flexibility” investigations?

How is it that media scrutiny is currently ramped up over fakery but when it was proper and necessary, it remained obscure?  Certainly, either instance could have sent shock waves if properly reported, which in retrospect, provides the answer.

That 2012 downplaying of an Obama statement preceding his re-election bid veers into yesterday’s misstatement by MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.  While commenting about Trump, she blurted out that it was the media’s job to “actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”

Apply that attitude with today’s fervor over Trump’s hypothetical ties to Russia.  Are we being informed or are we being lectured?  I believe that the latter has been media vogue for way too long!

Related to my earlier “what if Hillary” fright, that scenario would have been antithetical to Trump’s “America First” policies.  Highlighted by Obama’s call for compulsory healthcare, Clinton’s election would have continued with the embellishments from his partiality for socialism.  Now, this current media hype only exposes their disappointment over Clinton’s loss while digging their heels in against any Trump initiative.

And just how wild and whacky are the policies emanating from the Trump Administration?   Ironic and very insulting is the media banter questioning Trump’s mental capacities when in fact he alone has exhibited a rare memory skill of recall and retention; binding his programs with his campaign promises.  Without itemizing, what red-blooded patriot would be adverse to going to work, ensuring safety of our country and her people, improving America’s embarrassing educational product, reducing endless regulations and securing our borders?

Yes, these are tenets of “nationalism” but really, what should prevail?  Why would regard for the foreigner take precedence over our fellow American citizens?  And yes, we are a land of immigrants but true to our heritage, it must be orderly and controlled.  Today, without Trump in the White House, America would continue down the road towards being the world’s dumping ground.

Bottom line is that this craze for a “global community” is a scam which directly attacks America at her strengths.  Our famous Statue of Liberty’s calling is not based upon an absurd diversity theory but rather upon America being a “melting pot.”  Don’t tell me that forces are not aligned, not only against President Trump but also against America remaining free and independent.

When America can so easily forget our 9/11 sacrifices, when “diversity” supersedes the teaching of our American heritage and purpose, when we cease to observe the birthday of the Father of our Country, and when we relish the vagrancy of the world over the welfare of our own people, if not for this Trump reversal, what course would we be following?  This is the true breadth that will never be reported!

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