This is the Heart of What Generates the Trump Movement


The media obviously rode their horse way too hard. With this bit of hindsight coming as a late offering, what needs addressing is what to do now that they’ve created this stubborn “enough is enough” public impasse?

And this just didn’t happen overnight. There was a time when the Fourth Estate was held with the high esteem of being a “free press.” But, at some point, the influence of modernization molded that restrictive heading into the ordinary, “the media.” When it was that it became more liberalized is anyone’s guess, but today’s version of news and information is commonly referred to as a “liberal media/press.”

All this is background music when dealing with the nuts and bolts of our “information age.” It seems that in our haste or anticipation for this new dawn, nobody ever maintained its inquisitive and truthful aspects. Was it assumed that all would be legitimately investigated and reported honestly, no matter the cost or hurt? Regardless, along the way, the messaging became weedy. It seems that efforts to ensure the media’s hallmark of truth withered, similar to when a homeowner permits the weeds to take over his pristine lawn.

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Today’s quagmire between our people versus any and all media sources reached its present ruptured state through the very real political frustrations of the past four years and in concert with the media’s liberal abandon. Together, this barrage was enough to change belief into skepticism. Today, while many may still listen, watch and/or read, much drifts “in one ear and out the other.”

Our public’s present state of mind is not the sole result of a propaganda-styled media, yet, their daily interruptions and persistent nagging kept stirring the pot.

Over time, this public’s sentiment grew in silence, patiently awaiting and is today the heart of what generates this Trump movement. In opposition, the media has now morphed into a sort of dual establishment, comprising of both its liberal roots while also embracing its RINO newcomers. Its course is rigid, the goal is clear, with its policies and formats having long since been cast. And it’s to this cast of players that the voter now commands.

Yes, as our Forefathers designated, that the average American, when truth prevails, will right the wrong.  Their inherent belief in the goodness of the American spirit is now blossoming in the hearts and minds of the voter. As this takes hold and is proudly realized, the media’s futile messaging of a Trump GOP “breaking point” becomes inconsequential and boring.

Media messaging faces a stiff embankment since the alternative offers this deceitful and false messenger.  How does one shift from the bombastic to the candidate wearing the Benghazi scarf? How does one go from a plain and honest talker to one that shifts talking points to fit the particular crowd?

And then there is the productive life versus the scandal-ridden choice.  Similar to the media riding their lead horse too hard, just how many more definitions of the word “is” can America digest? And are we willing to add forgetfulness and denials onto the Presidential roster!

Media experts base their policies upon the theory that a Trump bias becomes more effective with repetitive massaging. Also valued is their selective highlighting which supposedly focuses public attention.

Perfect example was the media’s relentless airing of Trump’s reply to a “Gold Star” father. The rendering of Trump’s answer, after being insulted by the grieving father’s waving of our Constitution, was a complete distortion of events. This also included the false claim that Trump made mentioned of the word “religion” when acknowledging the Gold Star mother’s silence. Odd that this intense coverage was AWOL for Sean Smith’s Gold Star mother.

Such examples of media preferences and distortions typifies what the voters have endured and validates our final turn-off. Now, our resolve centers upon a candidate who has the audacity to champion an issue which politicians have long ignored. Of all the many primary candidates, only Trump, with support from Dr. Carson, raised the issue of illegal immigration and anchor babies.

Who remembers Ross Perot’s giant swooshing sound of jobs leaving the US if NAFTA is approved? And who approved it? President Clinton! As Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary favored the sovereignty killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but now finds opposing it be more beneficial.

In closing, the voters have had their fill of listening to what is pleasing but never intended. They have had their fill of political correctness, of treating war as a game, of jobs taking flight and of rising unemployment numbers.

Could it be that at this point, another abuse has fallen out of favor; maybe it’s this insulting and dishonest liberal media? Premature headlines such as “GOP could be nearing Trump breaking point,” may tend to convey that just possibly, the media may also be reading the tea leaves.

Still, it’s only recourse, especially if those tea leaves tell a foreboding tale, is to ride that tired horse another lap, since our November hearts and minds represents their finish line! Ear plugs anyone?

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