This is How the Media Responded to Hillary’s Collapse

How odd.

You would think that the supposedly inquisitive national news media would be clamoring for facts about Hillary Clinton’s health in the wake of her collapse at the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday, but that has not been the case. In fact, the media’s reaction has been split between defensive and detached. Some have taken to the airwaves and Interwebz to argue that Hillary’s medical episode was a case of “nothing to see here.” Others have been more cautious, imploring Clinton to get some tests done before heading out to California before stating that she’s probably fine.

It’s been astounding.

Hillary Clinton has suffered several major medical events over the last few years, and through the course of the campaign she’s hardly seemed “robust.” Now, she collapses and the media responds with indifference? Their desire to see her win must be tremendous.

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A few folks in the media noticed the questionable coverage:

And some others noticed that the mainstream media was going to have to start paying attention to Hillary’s failing health.

Even CNN attempts to defend her even as they admit that something seems… off:

Sanjay Gupta, also on CNN, also works hard to both defend Clinton while simultaneously imploring her to seek medical attention before leaving to campaign in California.

And this has less to do with the fact she’s Hillary Clinton or a candidate for president, but if you hear of anybody who is having this episode a little that is a little bit unusual, maybe not surprising given again the heat of the day, and the medications, but I think as you say out of an abundance of caution, I’d probably want to make sure that her blood pressure, do a routine EKG, check some basic lab values and that’s not, you know, in medicine you have your strong suspicions, and I think again most common conclusion is what we’ve been talking about — but out of an abundance of caution and interest in thoroughness you might check those other things.
If they check out fine they’d have no problem traveling.
If I were Dr. Bardak, or the other doctors caring for her, we should probably get routine tests, given what had happened today.

Meanwhile, over at NBC, Tom Brokaw added his voice to the chorus of those hoping Clinton would get medical attention, while also using the opportunity to attack Republicans who have been arguing that Hillary’s health should be a concern.

It’s incomprehensible to me that liberals and their allies in the media can, with a straight face, argue that conservatives are being inappropriate and conspiratorial for arguing that Clinton’s health seems to be failing while then acknowledging that she seems to have some health problems.

This is turning into the most aggressive case of cognitive dissonance and liberal media bias that we’ve seen this campaign, and that is saying a lot, considering they’ve also been covering for Clinton’s email crimes.

For his part, when Donald Trump was asked about Hillary Clinton’s collapse, he replied, “I don’t know anything about it.”

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