This is How Hillary Described “Half of Trump Supporters”…Pence Responds

Hillary Clinton couldn’t lay low forever in hopes of floating to the White House. It could have worked before Donald Trump hired some new staff members to give him some good advice.

The Hillary campaign’s plan was simply to let Donald Trump get all the negative media attention while Hillary generally stays out of sight.

Now that Trump is quickly catching up to his opponent in the polls – in some cases leading – and making inroads with minorities, the Hillary Clinton campaign is having to rethink their strategy.

I think they took a page from Trump’s old playbook, since it seemed to work for him. At a fundraiser with Barbra Streisand, she accused “half of Trump supporters” of being in a “basket of deplorables,” which she described as those who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

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Trump’s running mate Mike Pence responded to Hillary’s insults in an interview with Breitbart News:

“But I do have to tell you that when I heard of what she said last night, at a fundraiser in New York City with Barbra Streisand, that in her words ‘you could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,’ I was simply taken aback.

“Hillary Clinton believes that millions of everyday Americans who think we can Make America Great Again are in her words ‘deplorable’ and she described them as ‘irredeemable.’ I was speechless about that—I was speechless about it, really, in my speech.

“My message to her is: Hillary, I got news for you. The millions of men and women, thousands of which I’ve seen since I joined this campaign, but the millions of men and women who are coming out and supporting my running mate are veterans, members of the Armed Services, law enforcement, farmers, factory workers, coal miners, business owners, pastors, everyday Americans for whom faith is important and who believe in the liberties enshrined in our Constitution.

“I said today that my message to Hillary Clinton is ‘they’re not a basket of anything—they’re Americans, and they deserve her respect.’ Frankly, anyone who has that low an opinion of millions of Americans should never be elected president of the United States.”

Hillary issued a canned apology, in which she said she “regretted” using the term ‘half’:

Trump responded:

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