This GOP Rep. Said ‘Something in the Swamp’ Prevented Obamacare Repeal [VIDEO]

There’s been a bit of a buzz over the past couple days about the GOP and the White House coming up with another healthcare plan that might get the support of the Freedom Caucus. According to Congressman [score]David Brat[/score] (R-VA), it’s basically the same bill that failed miserably weeks ago, but with two notable amendments. One is that it would lower the price of healthcare. The other is that it would, as Brat said, “drain the swamp.”

“Get the power out of Washington, D.C., out of the special interests, and let healthcare return back to the states,” he said.

According to Rep. Brat, Republicans were well on their way to a good, solid Obamacare repeal and replace plan – even with the cooperation of President Trump – but ‘something in the swamp’ swooped down at the last minute to curtail their efforts. He was speaking of the American Health Care Act that bombed in the House and was pulled from the floor to avoid further embarrassment.

Steve Bannon – who is being slowly overshadowed by the much more establishment-friendly Jared Kushner – reportedly had said that the GOP leadership’s American Health Care Act was ‘written by the insurance companies.’ In other words, part of the very swamp that Trump campaigned on draining was behind the proposed piece of legislation that didn’t actually repeal Obamacare, and actually made the healthcare system worse. 

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From the point that the leadership proposed the AHCA, many speculated that it must have been designed to fail, judging by how bad it was. The idea was that they’d propose it, and when it failed miserably, the representatives who supported it could go back home to their constituents and claim that they ‘tried,’ but that there just weren’t enough votes. They could blame it on the conservative wing of the Party.

The swamp has a vested interest in maintaining Obamacare. And if there is to be a replacement, there can’t be any major changes to the system. From Business Insider:

Rep. David Brat of Virginia, a conservative member of the House Freedom Caucus, told CNN that “something in the swamp” is holding up Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act.

Brat said the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, something Trump promised to do as soon as he took office, was close to completion but was sidetracked by “the swamp of special interests.”

“President Trump was very good in the negotiating process,” Brat said. “He said yes, [the Freedom Caucus] said yes to him, and then somehow something in the swamp said no so we waited another couple of weeks.”

Brat was referencing the president’s promise during the campaign to “drain the swamp” of the so-called establishment and special interests.


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