This Famous Former U.S. Solicitor General Says Preet Bharara is Politically Grandstanding [VIDEO]

The media have portrayed outgoing U.S. attorney Preet Bharara as a martyr of sorts after he refused to resign, forcing the Trump administration to terminate his employment.

While the media characterize the firing as evidence that Trump is wiping out his political opponents, the truth of the matter is, there’s just nothing there. It’s not newsworthy. As many have been pointing out, this happens with every changing administration.

When Obama did the same thing in 2009, it wasn’t news. It’s only news now, because it’s Trump, and the media are forever embittered that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. I’m convinced that that will still be the reason in four and possibly eight years. The media never forgets.

Former U.S. Solicitor General Kenneth Starr – famous for the Starr Report that alleged Bill Clinton had perjured himself regarding his affair with Monica – weighed in regarding Bharara in an interview with Fox News’s Stuart Varney:

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STUART VARNEY: Is there a story here, or is it just political turmoil?

KENNETH STARR: The latter. It is a story, but it happens in every administration or virtually so. First of all, the U.S. Attorney serves – and no one disputes this – at the pleasure of the President. So, there is no right to remain in office. So, we have elections, elections have consequences, and that really is the beginning and the end of it. And there’s a sense, ‘Well, this could be interfering with an investigation.’ My prediction is, whatever investigations may be underway will continue. 

VARNEY: But we don’t know that, do we? It was just a suggestion from Congressman [Elijah] Cummings. ‘He was fired, because he was investigating the President.’ We absolutely know nothing about that whatsoever. 

STARR: It’s an allegation. You’re absolutely right. We don’t have facts. 

VARNEY: Is Preet Bharara grandstanding politically?

STARR: Absolutely. Any U.S. attorney knows that he or she can be fired. Period. Full stop. Most of the 46 I think went quietly off into the night. They might not have liked it, but that’s just the way our system is. 

VARNEY: It’s amazing that you get this political turmoil throughout the entire weekend and stretching on into today for what you describe essentially as a non-story. That’s astonishing to me. 

STARR: It effectively is not a story in terms of our government. It’s a story in terms of politics. 

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