This Eleven Ringed Circus

Even when expecting the gotcha agenda at CNN, last night’s debate was insulting.  To begin with, what happened to the prerequisite of  “only the top ten” make the roster?  So before the first zinger was asked, CNN’s credibility was in doubt from expanding its ten player limit.  And, what followed was another CNN low ball exhibition.

As is the case, the leading candidate was located in the center, with the next popular on either side and so on down the pecking order until the one per-centers manned the end slots.  So, how was it that Mr. Christie, the same loud mouth that feared not making the cut after Ms. Fiorina was upgraded, how was it that this bozo monopolized so much of the time and was ranting his rants in uninterrupted fashion?

It seemed that three candidates became CNN recipients of additional time, including responses which usually went uninterrupted.  I think from watching last night, most would agree that Bush, Rubio and Christie benefited greatly.

As the top dog, Mr. Trump stood at the ready awaiting moderator insults and the attacking assertions and replies from his rivals.  The only one showing a modicum of reserve was Dr. Carson, who being Trump’s closest rival, was at times also lost in the moderator’s shuffle.

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Jake Tapper performed as expected; very preferential and equally short with certain candidates.  His “he said, she said” line of inquiry was both childish and insulting, given that this “debate” represents another application for our country’s highest job.  “We the people” deserve more than a discourse based on gossip and/or vitriol.

GOP Presidential Debate CNNAlthough more than a year awaits, all branches of “the establishment” are already full bore against the upstart Trump.  Obviously the democrats realize his formidable and threatening presence.  In addition, and more pressing, are the established republicans who are now scurrying after realizing that yes, Trump is for real, and that his success will foil their agenda the most.

The final player in this establishment maze is the media, of which CNN is their current flag bearer.  Everyone who writes or speaks authoritatively is now aligned against this rogue billionaire who has ruffled all their feathers.

It is charged that Trump “speaks his mind.”  Well, yes and isn’t that refreshing?  When was the last time a career politician engineered his or her career honestly speaking their minds?  So, this one annoyance is threatening enough to justify a full frontal attack.  Considering that Trump is impervious to any financial shenanigans, which often seems to be the daily bread of American leadership, is there any hope for unbiased moderating?  Every opportunity to degrade this brash example of Americanism must be used.

When “the establishment” feels threatened, isn’t it funny how all the phony partisan bickering dissolves into a unity that would better serve our country after elections?  It used to be for the betterment of America but now, the betterment of “the establishment” takes precedence.

As previously stated, the debate itself appeared as a boosting vehicle for the sagging numbers of certain establishment figures.  Rubio, for one, received an unprecedented amount of air time given his low standings.  In addition, he piggy backed onto replies of others without any reaction from the moderator.

Bush, who has been unable to gain any sustained campaign traction, found it necessary to up tick his oratory.  This unusual attack mode was out of sorts with his normal calm and precise demeanor.  And then there’s the elephant in the room, Gov. Christie.  What a buffoon.  Talk about Trump’s brashness?  Must we again hear about his governing linkage from hugging 9/11 victims?  Also, what’s the Presidential fiber gained from his wife’s harrowing 9/11 experiences?  He acts as if only he remembers 9/11.

I mean, after all, this is about trying to decide the most able and fit candidate to do battle with the opposition’s best ne’er do well.  I might add that given the three choices; an old socialist, a Benghazi fabricator or a speech impaired Vice President, it seems to be a walk in the park but still, the main stream media holds sway over many.

How many expected some sort of gotcha by CNN?  If their purpose was to instigate the cat fight which took place, they succeeded?  Through it all, two candidates, Huckabee and Walker, were routinely ignored, even at thirty plus minute intervals, while the standee at the far right was called upon with ridiculous frequency.

Given the record of Walker verses Christie, with Walker’s superior voter support and subsequent stage ranking, the amount of air time Christie received became inappropriate at best, and boring to many who are familiar with his bombastic verbiage  Also, his stagnant numbers, from day one, along with Carly’s rising appeal should have demoted his status to the earlier time slot.

Bush’s numbers are somewhat uninspiring yet being the brother and son of Presidents, his time could be understood.  After all, he was thought to be the hands down favorite at one point.  Still, the moderator’s performance allotted him more than enough exposure while dishing out queries meant not to inform but only to incite one against the other.  This was and will continue to be a sham as long as CNN referees these back alley brawls.  “We the people,” not to mention our Presidency, deserve better.

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