This Dem Senator Wants to Make it Mandatory for Presidents to Release Their Tax Returns

They’re wanting to take what has become a political tradition and make it mandatory.

Senator [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score] (D-MA) introduced the legislation, which would require presidents and vice presidents to release their tax returns for the most recent three taxable years.

Senator [score]Sheldon Whitehouse[/score] (D-RI) is one of the co-sponsors of this bill. Ironically, he hasn’t released his own tax returns. According to his office, he’s wanted to protect the privacy of his children.

Listen, I don’t care if he doesn’t want to publicize his tax returns. I wouldn’t. And I understand that the legislation that he’s co-sponsoring will only apply to presidents and vice presidents, not senators like himself.

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But you have to admit it is a little ironic that he hasn’t ever made public his tax returns. And he’s one of those harshly critical of the President for not ever releasing his returns.

Now that he’s a co-sponsor of the bill, he’s agreed to release them for the first time. CNS News reported:

The Providence Journal, quoting a spokeswoman for Whitehouse, said the senator and his wife “have in the past kept their personal tax return private to protect the privacy of their children,” who are now 23 and 27.

“They have requested an extension to file their taxes this year,” spokeswoman Meaghan McCabe told The Journal last week. But “they plan to submit them before the October 15, 2017 deadline…[and then] make the full returns available for review by the media.”

While pledging to release his own tax returns, state Rep. Robert Nardolillo, a potential GOP opponent, said that is not enough: “We want to see all of his returns since taking office in the U.S. Senate. That’s True Transparency.” There was no immediate response from Whitehouse.

According to the Providence Journal, Whitehouse and his wife paid $50,914 in federal taxes on their $274,803 adjusted gross income, or 18.52 percent.

Whitehouse is among the co-sponsors of a bill introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), which would require U.S. presidents and vice presidents to release their tax returns for the three most recent taxable years, and each taxable year for which an audit is pending, among other financial disclosures.

Some Democrats have vowed not to work with President Trump on tax reform until he releases his tax returns.

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