This Amazing Interview Proves this Candidate is Ready for the White House

This past week, CNBC had the best presidential candidate interview I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness.

Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) was a guest on CNBC’s morning show Squawk Box where he spent an hour talking about the finer points of American economic policies and how our nation could best move forward in righting our fiscal ship. What proceeded to take place was an amazing tutorial on just how brilliant Ted Cruz really is. He was able to sit with three of CNBC’s brightest economic minds and debate policy, philosophy, and real world applications while remaining gregarious, and upbeat.

After spending some 35 minutes in brilliant conversation with Senator Cruz, the CNBC team introduces the famous economist Art Laffer, who buttresses Cruz’s comments and argues that he believes if Cruz’s tax plan becomes reality – the American economy will experience an enormous recovery.

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Over at RedState they’re calling Cruz the only “adult” running with the economic qualifications to handle the job.

Cruz just absolutely kills this interview, and spends the entire hour talking off the cuff about numbers and financial and monetary policy, and the exact devices to get the economy to rebound. This is a much more in-depth discussion than the stump speech snippets we’ve all heard many times.

No one who sits through this 46 minute video will be able to walk away with any opinion but that Ted Cruz is the only competent, qualified adult running for President today from either party.

I’ll second that emotion.

Seriously, watch the interview. You’ll be impressed with what you see.

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