These Liberals Actually PRAISED ‘Misunderstood’ Fidel Castro

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! Fidel Castro, a murderous, communist, dictator finally bit the bullet. While Cubans around the world, along with many other people, are celebrating the fact that his terroristic reign is over, there are still liberals who act as if he was the greatest man to live. He spent his life slaughtering people, yet they comment as if he hung the stars in the skies. Reminiscing on his time here on earth instead of celebrating his passing.

After a lifetime of murder and Communist domination over the island of Cuba, the Cuban people are finally free from his oppressive rule. Despite committing crimes against humanity for over 50 years, a long list of liberal fan-boys have promoted Castro as a champion of the people despite the oppression of his people, imprisonment of journalists, and hatred of freedom.

Here is a list of some of Castro’s biggest liberal, American fans:

1) Sean Penn – An actor who interviewed Castro on several occasions. He seemed to have developed an unhealthy starstruck syndrome of the dictator. During one of his interviews, Penn labeled Castro as a hero, and said that he had:

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“The agility of a young man who exercises every day, his eyes are bright and his voice is strong.”

2) Steven Speilberg – A Hollywood director who has, on numerous occasions,  celebrated Cuban “free…

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