These are the Institutions We Should be Boycotting

I’m not against boycotting Target stores. The boycott may be having some short-term effect. Its stock has dropped a few points resulting in a loss of $1.5 billion. (H/T: Breitbart). If Target went out of business tomorrow, however, there would be a negligible long-term positive change in the United States. Sure, other retailers might take notice, and back off a bit, but in the end, we would still be left with a cesspool of moral degradation.

Christians boycotted Disney over its “Gay Day” with little or no long-term impact. I’ve read that “Gay Day” is bigger than ever. A boycott against Chick-Fil-A was promoted by “gay” rights groups because the president of the company came out against same-sex marriage. It failed miserably. In fact, sales increased.

If you want to make a lasting, long-term change in this nation, boycott the public schools because they are the more sinister threat to our nation’s health. I don’t mean protest them or try to change the curriculum or petition for a “moment of silence.” I mean get your children out. Public schools are government-run indoctrination centers.

I’ll bet you that most of the 1,000,000+ people who have signed the boycott Target petition send their children to the godless, pro-homosexual, statist public schools.

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Target is allowing so-called transgender people to pick the restroom that fits their gender feelings, but government schools teach the moral legitimacy of the LGBT agenda. Courts have already ruled that public schools must permit so-called transgendered students access to the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers based on their gender identity. When this is mandated nationally, what will parents do?

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It won’t be long before every public school will have transgenderism as part of the curriculum. It’s already happening in California. Textbook producers will write their textbooks according to California standards because it’s the largest educational market. Public schools in North Carolina and Georgia will not be able to get a “transgender free” edition. Once Common Core is implemented, your school won’t have a choice on what your children will be taught.

Consider what’s happening in Massachusetts:

“The Massachusetts Music Educators Association has published an article warning school music teachers across the state that they must provide ‘LGBTQ-friendly’ classrooms or else risk having a ‘hostile’ climate that impairs students’ academic success and mental health.

“The article, published in the Spring 2016 edition of the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal, lays out a list of radical steps that music teachers should take in order to provide a ‘safe learning environment’ for students.” (Source)

Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the WorldCalling for boycotts is a Band-Aid approach to fixing what’s wrong in our nation. There’s an underlying disease that a Band-Aid only covers.

I was listening to Curt Schilling defend his criticism of those criticizing North Carolina’s bathroom bill. “During the interview with SiriusXM, Schilling said that his 16-year-old son had helped found an LGBT club at his high school.” This is schizophrenic.

Abandoning the public schools will have a ripple effect on the future of the United States. Union strength will fall, textbook publishers will lose business, property taxes will decline, parents will have multiple educational choices, students will be educated rather than indoctrinated, and a new generation of graduates will remake society.

There’s a price to pay for what I’m advocating. My wife and I paid it with a scaled-down lifestyle. Boycotting Target and signing a petition do not cost anything. Paying for your children’s education out of your own pocket is costly, but it’s the right thing to do.


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