These 24 Republicans Voted to Fund Trans Surgeries on Taxpayer’s Dime

There are twenty-four House Republicans who voted for transgender surgeries and hormone therapy to be on the taxpayer’s dime. That’s right, they want Uncle Sam to pay for the nonsense of gender reassignment surgery.

Republicans….What are you doing? Actually, no. If you are voting for something like this then you do not share Conservative values and you are in fact a RINO (Republican in name only) and I will refer to you as such.

The bill was rejected with a 214-209 vote in the House of Representative on Thursday. Frustratingly enough, 24 of those 214 votes absolutely should not have been. The amendment that was rejected would have banned the Pentagon from paying for all those unnecessary surgeries and therapies for these mentally disabled people. There are literally people dying from cancer that the House won’t touch, but they are okay with paying for surgeries for mentally ill people who no longer want their penis or vagina. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?


Biz Pac Review reports:

In June, Hartzler said: “The Obama transgender policy, which was implemented without input from Members of Congress, is ill-conceived and contrary to our goals of increasing troop readiness and investing defense dollars into addressing budget shortfalls of the past. By recruiting and allowing transgender individuals to serve in our military we are subjecting taxpayers to high medical costs including up to $130,000 per transition surgery, lifetime hormone treatments, and additional surgeries to address the high percentage of individuals who experience complications.”

“The deployability of individuals going through the sex transition process is highly problematic,” Hartzler continued. “requiring 210 to 238 work days where a soldier is non-deployable after surgery. This recovery time equates to 1.4 million manpower days where transgender personnel cannot deploy and fight our nation’s wars, therefore relying on an already stressed force to pick up the burden. It makes no sense to purposely recruit individuals who cannot serve.”

California Rep. Duncan Hunter called opposition to Hartzler’s amendment “silly” because, well, people should “figure out if you’re a man or a woman before you join up.”

Too obvious for libs, who called the amendment “ignorant, mean-spirited and denigrating” and said it would “would reduce military readiness” because it would discourage transgenders from serving. Nevermind that, according to the RAND Corporation, there are upwards of 6,630 transgender people in the military – not quite enough to make a single division.

The 24 RINOs who voted against throwing our money down the drain are as follows:

  1. Justin Amash (Michigan)
  2. Jack Bergman (Michigan)
  3. Mike Coffman (Colorado
  4. Barbara Comstock (Virginia)
  5. Paul Cook (California)
  6. Ryan Costello (Pennsylvania)
  7. Carlos Curbelo (Florida)
  8. Jeff Denham (California)
  9. Charlie Dent (Pennsylvania)
  10. John Faso (New York)
  11. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania)
  12. Darrell Issa (California)
  13. John Katko (New York)
  14. Steve Knight (California)
  15. Leonard Lance (New Jersey)
  16. Frank LoBiondo (New Jersey)
  17. Tom MacArthur (New Jersey)
  18. Brian Mast (Florida)
  19. Tom Reed (New York)
  20. Dave Reichert (Washington)
  21. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida)
  22. Bill Shuster (Pennsylvania)
  23. Elise Stefanik (New York)
  24. Claudia Tenney (New York)

Do with that information what you will. Personally, I would be calling the ones from my state to let them know how I felt about their betrayal.

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