Theresa May Wants Internet Censorship because Terrorism

We must have internet censorship because the British PM thinks information is the enemy, apparently.

Instead of talking about controlling mass immigration, Theresa May is demanding internet censorship. The bomb that wounded Londoners can allegedly be built from instructions online. So, despite more deadly attacks this year in the United Kingdom using vehicles and knives, we’re supposed to believe that information is the enemy?

How are they supposed to keep this information from going online anyway? The internet is a communication system that anyone and everyone can use. No tech company decides what gets posted. If Google and others tried to stop it, they would have to use “artificial intelligence” to find all the offensive data that’s being posted daily. That means a lot of harmless stuff would be restricted because these systems never work right.

Theresa May sounds like she believes the dystopian slogan from George Orwell’s 1984 that “Ignorance is strength.”

The Daily Mail reports, “Web giants with blood on their hands: PM to order internet bosses to clamp down on extremism as ‘it takes minutes on Google to find how to build the bomb which brought terror to the Tube’

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Theresa May will order internet giants to clamp down on extremism following yesterday’s Tube terror attack.

She will take on Google, Facebook and Microsoft after hundreds of commuters and schoolchildren narrowly avoided death when a bomb failed fully to detonate on a rush-hour train.

The attacker, who is on the run, used a ‘fairy light’ bomb that can be made from instructions still available online last night.

The Prime Minister will host a summit with French president Emmanuel Macron next week and is expected to warn technology giants they need to do more to tackle extremists.

Last night she raised the terror alert status to its highest level ‘critical’, which means an attack is expected imminently. Troops will be deployed at key sites to free up more armed police to patrol thoroughfares and transport hubs.

Read the entire Daily Mail story.

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