Theresa May Attacked Trump at U.N.

British Prime Minister Theresa May attacked the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and opposing “free trade.”

It is hard to see what purpose was served when Theresa May attacked the Trump agenda. If voters believed in international solutions to manmade climate change and “free trade” deals, they would not have voted for Trump to be President. Trump won the American election precisely because he rejected the values that May advocates.

This seems more like an effort to impress other European leaders than to change anyone’s mind.

The Mirror reports, “Theresa May launches stinging attack on Donald Trump in United Nations speech.

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Theresa May tonight launched a stinging attack on Donald Trump minutes before a face-to-face meeting with the US President.

The Prime Minister railed against his decision to pull America out of the Paris climate change deal and blasted nations which erect trade barriers and pursue protectionism.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Mrs May issued slap downs to Mr Trump, Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Leaders who fail to respect international agreements risk jeopardising faith in institutions, she warned.

Delivering a thinly-veiled rebuke to the US President, she said climate change “is depleting and degrading the planet we leave to our children”.

And the PM hit out at countries which try to stifle global trade, after Mr Trump’s “America first” inauguration speech in January.

She warned against moves which “undermine support for the forces of liberalism and free trade that have done so much to propel global growth”.

She called on nations to ensure “that those who flout the rules and spirit of our international system are held to account; that nations honour their responsibilities and play their part in upholding and renewing a rules-based international order that can deliver prosperity and security for us all”.

The PM added: “As the global system struggles to adapt, we are confronted by states deliberately flouting – for their own gain -the rules and standards that have secured our collective prosperity and security.”

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