There’s Always A Price

Last week, “the great one,” which is the usual slangy intro Sean Hannity reserves for when Mark Levin graces his 9PM show, appeared in all his Constitutional glory.  Only problem is that in exchange for this quest slot, Mr. Hannity has apparently signed onto plugging Levin’s sagging quest for a convention of the States.

Yes, everything has its price, as is most obvious with the snake oil salesman.  Of course, these two are above that category, or at least their resumes suggest such but really, just what separates them when plugging a scam that is just as oily as that snake product?

I suppose that in addition to their lauded assurances, the fact that a new written version of our Constitution, already composed yet unmentioned, would only clutter their appeal.  Funny how such particulars get drowned out amid all this convention hoopla.

The best outcome, with our Constitution remaining intact, and with new corrective amendments introducing term limits and balancing the budget meet approval, just one question remains: what force would make these new “laws” any more effective than what is already legal and enforceable?

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Common sense suggests that what this dog and pony show would produce and which is being hailed as the ultimate cure is more of the same!  And this is with the best of outcomes.

So, interjecting some logic, will these newly written laws, being added to those already on the books and which thus far have proven to be susceptible to revision and/or gainful re-interpretation, would this Constitutional chance taking be worth it all?

Also too is the false attraction that the States would be in charge, removing all the corruptive influences found at the Federal level.  Really?  The only difference between the State and Federal level is the size and/or amounts available for said corruption.  With this reality in play, all bets for State integrity are off!

For too long, forces both visible and shadowy have tirelessly worked at diluting our Constitution and our system of Federalism.  However, with this quick fix, the usurpers have short circuited all their former gradualistic tactics.

For confirmation, just considered the never ending toil of plotting the various tools for hyping each unfortunate mass shooting; all designed to weaken our Second Amendment.  If for no other issue, this convention could and would immediately impose the old fashioned “white out” over those irksome Amendment’s words, “shall not be infringed.”

Since Levin’s appearance, it appears that his price came with Hannity beginning to also push for his convention scam.  As previously mentioned, everything has a price.

Who deems pointing out that the major problem with current laws is that they lack enforcement.  Without the accountability from enforcement, laws or Amendments are paper tigers.  Most infamous is the refrain that our immigration laws “are broken.”  Really?  How about enforcement?

So, what is being billed as the cure all, for all intent and purpose, is just the opposite.  This flimflam by today’s affluent version of those old time promoters is contingent upon the “sound good” appeal to the gullibility of the American people.

In closing, just picture those raging buffaloes, all so sure when racing unknowingly towards that waiting cliff.  These slick and polished promoters only talk about the benefits, not the price!  When replacing those racing hoofs with our trusting hearts, the similarities should be frightening.

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