There are Plenty of Reasons to Worry about the Refugees


They just want a safe place to go! SURE they do!

Over Christmas and New Year’s, Germany had a rash of rapes and assaults. The numbers were shocking as they have never seen this kind of crime spree against woman. Over 100 “filed complaints” of rape and assault over the new year, and police believe there are over 1000 male refugees involved. Rapes were conducted by “rape gangs,” and women were beaten and raped in public.

The mayor of the German city, Cologne, where many of the assaults took place, suggested it was the fault of the women! Let that settle in.

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She stated: “…This means, they should go out and have fun, but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up. For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves.” HUH?! Prepare to be gang-raped? To carry a gun? (No they can’t do that there.) How to use pepper spray? To dress more modestly?

It’s simple, how about you arrest and deport these people? If they came there for a better and safer life, then why are they breaking laws and assaulting others? And why aren’t you keeping your people safe?

Chancellor Merkel said that she was enacting a law that would deport people convicted of these type of crimes. Again I say… HUH?! Don’t they already have one?

Can you imagine a group of Republicans or conservatives or Christians making these same statements? Even in my own posts when I have suggested that women dress more conservatively than a string bikini when they go to parties down at the loading docks where sailors are who’ve been at sea for 1 year or so (and have a tendency to get nasty with them) I’m called a promotor of rape culture!

women in islamWhere are all you social liberals on these gang-rapes in Europe? None of these posts I saw had libs in there talking about how bad this is. How hateful.

You guys have made the average “white person” feel so bad about their “white privilege” that a young lady being raped by an Iranian refugee didn’t want to report him because she was afraid he would have to go back to Iran where he wouldn’t be safe. ARE YOU SERIOUS? No, better he should stay in your area to rape again and again and again?! Right? Wrong! What about her life? What about what she has to go through for the rest of her life?

Sweden (already known for its rising rape culture) has also seen an uptick in gang rape from, yep you guessed it, “refugees.” In a recent case where a 23-year-old was repeatedly raped until 3 a.m. by many men she was able to escape and identify some of her assailants. One of whom was 15-years-old and given parole. Funny thing is, he has no ID and the courts simply took his word for it because they can’t verify his age. That whole vetting thing is working well, huh?

Denmark and Norway rape rates are also climbing. A recent study showed that 100 percent of violent street-rapes committed in the capital city of Oslo were committed by “non-western” immigrants or refugees. It’s about the same in Denmark, where you also see the majority of rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants.

In England rapes are on the climb as well committed by, yep you guessed it, Muslim refugees.

The refugee camps are running rampant with rape and assault. These are Muslim men raping and beating Muslim women! If I use the logic of the Left we need to run out and arrest every non-Muslim white Anglo Saxon that alludes to the fact that Muslim refugees might be at fault. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Where are the feminists? Where are those champions of women’s rights on the Left? If it were happening in Christian refugee camps, you would see outrage on every blog and every paper in the world.

What are they afraid of? It’s simple. If you have gangrene in your arm you don’t cut off your leg. If you have a brain tumor you don’t operate on your finger!

If the majority of crimes are being committed by a certain group, a certain class, or a certain type of people you put stricter guidelines in place and you deport at the first sign of trouble.

Again what are they afraid of? It ain’t brain surgery!


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