The Wrong Headedness of Multiculturalism

The misconception that America is multicultural is being touted by the Left and too easily bought by many as a magnanimous gesture to people who came from different cultures to the great Melting Pot of America, not to live in separate enclaves, but to join as Americans in forging a new, vibrant common culture. In fact, the notion of multiculturalism is a scam intended to replace that very concept of the Melting Pot.

In a multicultural society, people of different cultures live in clusters interacting with one another but not assimilating. It is tribal in nature, but not societal in the way America is by nature. In a melting pot, persons from different cultures contribute something original, unique and organic from their own cultures, enhancing the overall culture into which they assimilate, much the way a bay leaf enhances a stew.

There is a major difference between these two concepts, which the Left works endlessly to blur. The original concept of Americanism was that every immigrant came here with the hope of becoming American, in culture, in spirit, and in fact. Multiculturalism undermines this concept and, in fact, discourages assimilation.

The Left does this for a reason. They push a collectivist agenda in which different individuals are not meant to become “a people,” Americans of a single burgeoning culture, but ethnic, cultural factions set apart and often against each other. The Left knows well that it cannot control “a people” if they are unified. But, they can be organized around the mantra of “differences” that are reconcilable, and controlled through the arbitration of fictitious grievances by politicians, pundits and prophets. If those differences remain irreconcilable, politicians—like snake-oil salesmen—have an excuse to prescribe remedies that profit them. But the grievances are never redressed because they are manufactured.

People who trade with one another tend not toward antagonism, but harmony. Ever since Europeans first came to the Americas, people of different cultures have argued, fought, traded, misunderstood—and finally understood and befriended—each other. Even the blot of slavery has all but been erased in reality through the experience of black people and white people working, trading and intermarrying, a concept once anathema, but now readily accepted. Although Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Lewis Farrakhan continue to proclaim the ever burdensome suffering of racial inequality, the truth is beginning to dawn on people. Without the constant scratching of wounds that are already healed people will reconcile their differences quite naturally.

multiculturalismEven in pockets where people settle into ethnic communities, the tendency is toward intermarriage among neighbors of different ethnicities. In Baltimore, where neighborhoods were once divided solidly into ethnic blocks, Germans and Irish did not mix. However, the lines became so blurred that if you scratch a Baltimore native whose family spans three or four generations here, you uncover a German-Irish heritage in most (“German Arish” in the local dialect). In New York, where Chinatown and Little Italy lie side by side, people of different cultures interact willingly. My daughters know many people who are Eurasian and I worked for years with a woman who was half Haitian and half Korean.

Eventually, cultural differences erase themselves. If given the time, cultures tend to merge. Marriage is a matter of individual people. It is a proof that when people self-identify primarily as individuals, rather than as members of a group, whether ethnic, political or cultural, they find value in each other. We almost forgot the differences. We were and are all neighbors, co-workers… Americans.

Immigrants have made their tortuous way here from distant lands, often braving the hardships of steerage, hunger and other privation, just to be allowed a chance at what used to be called realistically the American Dream.

Now, however, devious intentions are implemented through mechanisms with patriotic sounding names. The “Dream Act” manipulates our laws to enable many illegals to flood the US’s southern borders, with their arms open and hands out, not to become Americans, but to line up for government handouts. Illegals work under the table, paying no taxes and contributing little but cheap labor, often sending American dollars back to Mexico and other home countries, benefitting foreign economies. But exporting wealth does nothing to benefit America.

Illegals readily accept handouts. According to several sources, these often include grants, loans, WIC, disability, public housing, college educations, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and tax credits from state and federal governments. Law Dictionary online states that while illegals are not entitled to benefits reserved for US citizens, they do not hesitate to apply for them. In fact, some illegals are brash enough to demand benefits, carrying the flags of their own countries in public demonstrations.

Unquestionably, there are many decent, hard-working illegal immigrants who do want the American Dream, but because they have entered illegally many American citizens feel they should not be allowed to remain here and should indeed never be entitled to citizenship. But it is impossible for illegals to ignore the open invitation to come here and partake of the generosity being given by government at the expense of American taxpayers.

illegalsIllegals not only trade their cheap labor for this magnanimity. They also trade their illegal votes, which largely go to Democrats. It is estimated that as many as twenty million illegals are in the US. Many have been given drivers’ licenses which enable automatic voter registration, even though laws prohibit non-citizens from voting in national and even state elections. Only in some instances are legal residents allowed to vote in local elections for lower level offices. It has been estimated that one quarter of the population of Mexico now lives in the US, many of them illegal. There is a battle cry among illegals: Reconquista, which means reconquering territory once held by Mexico but which is now part of the United States. This attitude among Illegal immigrants encourages multiculturalism by discouraging assimilation and erecting ethnic division between those who steal across our borders and American citizens who resent and want to be rid of them.

Under open policies forced on us by the Obama Administration and their cronies among RINOs in Congress, illegals remain in enclaves, not learning English, not wanting to be part of the great American fabric. In fact, they are not encouraged to take part in America but to take America apart. This is what the Left wants, not a strong America but a collective of groups separated from ordinary working Americans. Their dependencies, created by government to control them through bribes are financed by the very people hurt most through these vote buying policies, working Americans.

Multiculturalism has failed elsewhere on the globe as it will fail here in the US. The Netherlands, Germany and other countries in Europe are learning the hard lessons. The people in many places, such as the French area of Calais, have learned the lesson of wrong-headed multiculturalism, especially as it suffers the impact of large Muslim immigration.

It seems that Muslims are least likely to assimilate into existing Western culture, adopt its traditions or adapt to its standards of behavior. Female genital mutilation, which is repugnant to most civilized people, is considered a tradition among many Muslims, as are honor killings, the stoning of women who’ve been raped, and amputation as a form of punishment. Stone-age barbarity has no place in modern civilized society, and if these practices are tolerated as a “multicultural” reality, the society that accepts them will die from within.

We in the US are a nation dedicated to the idea of America. America is a unique culture, one of fundamental freedom that celebrates individual initiative and the pursuit of personal prosperity. American values have been distilled into a vibrant culture. This Americanism is the beacon that lights the world to the possibilities inherent in a free society and which beckons suffering people from all over the world toward its light.

Obama, followed by the Liberal Democrats, swore to “fundamentally change America.” They are doing it through forced demographic shifts that are gradually changing us from a single American culture into one defined by the wrongheadedness of multiculturalism. If we allow American culture to be deconstructed by sewing false ideals into the fabric of our society, we will lose our culture, and our freedom along with it.

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