The Weathered Flag

One of our wonderful readers, Mary Kay Trewell, sent in this wonderful poem that she wrote while her son was serving our nation overseas. Please take the time to read, enjoy and share this wonderful bit of American poetry.


The Weathered Flag

By Mary Kay Tewell

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I have been tattered,

I have been torn,

I have seen blood, battles,

And newborns.


I represent your freedom,

I represent your states,

I represent the colonies,

That began your fate.


Remember I am part

Of your forefather’s start

To begin the freedom

We hold dear to our hearts.


I am the flag you wave in battle,

I am the flag they’ll burn

To make you unravel,

I am the flag that slams the gavel.


There’s no turning back.

There’s no “making it right”

There’s only FREEDOM

Fueling our fight.

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