The Weapon of Education

It’s not hard to “read between the lines “ of the front page piece entitled, “Rising Seas,  In academia, climate change affects many disciplines.”  This is nothing more than preparation for our President’s 2020 re-election.

This latest measure of defiance against a duly elected President was sadly given undue precedence.  Not only did this capture most of the front page of Daytona’s Sunday morning paper, it continued on for two more complete pages inside the first section.  Such a  presentation appeared boastful; an announcement that election help would arrive in 2020.

What chuckled me was the variety of teaching fields which have now overlapped into this climate change hysteria. In order to mass indoctrinate, many must pony up and begin lecturing in subject matter quite diverse from their chosen fields of interest.  Educational free agency ala NFL?

Take for instance the three pictured faculty members at the New College in Sarasota Fla.  The only one who is remotely connected is Anthony Andrews, who before being seized by this new vista is a professor of Anthropology.  The other two, Prof. Brain’s previous expertise was in the field of Sociology and then there’s Prof. Alcock, formerly a political science guru who is also seeking political office in his local District.  Now, all three have added “environmental studies” to their resume.

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Also reported was rising numbers from the 1400 members of the Association of American Colleges and Universities which are now including more “climate change into their curricula.”  Humorous how the designation changes when temperatures fail to incinerate!  Besides, a change in climate offers more flexibility to the future of unknowns than the previous limitations of global “warming.”

Just to portray the height of influence to which this ignorance has encompassed, the President of MIT is Dr. L. Rafael Reif, an American electrical engineer, writer, and academic administrator.  Now, this engineer may command respect at MIT but his bluster is unworthy to the knowledgeable off campus.

These includes the likes of Dr. Richard Lindzen who happens to be an atmospheric physicist and Dr. Wei-Hock Soon, a researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics (SSP) Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.  And both proudly deny this so-called man made climate change.

In a June 2, 2017 letter, Dr. Reif wrote, “The scientific consensus is overwhelming:  As human activity emits more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the global average surface temperature will continue to rise, driving rising sea levels and extreme weather.”

Dr. Soon rebuffed Reif’s “human activity emits more greenhouse gases” thesis by saying that “During the last 20 years, humans have released over a third of all the CO2 produced since the beginning of the industrial period.  The global surface temperature average has remained essentially constant over this period.”  So much for engineering expertise on human activity!

Also, in the never to be reported column, Dr. Richard Lindzen sent a petition to President Trump, signed by more than 300 real scientists stating that CO2 is not a pollutant but a major benefit to agriculture and plant life on Earth.

So, the bottom line to this misinformational course of study is that during the intervening three graduating classes, which will cap and gown themselves into our emplolyment sector prior to November 2020, I would assume that tens of thousands of future climate change believers will be adverse to pulling the Trump lever in 2020!  And did I mention that already, this course is starting to pop up in the required column of studies?

This hijacking of higher education for political purposes is another segment of today’s rebellious anti-Trump craze.  His election has forced into the open what previously was silently organizing in the shadows. We are in a contest for the future of our country’s continued free worth.  This tool of climate indoctrination now validates its false, malicious nature.  Also pertinent, in addition to the injury which campuses have affected upon free speech, this subject of climate change will at least alter the future of our free political thought!

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