The Truth Came Out About HILLARY at the Debate

Hillary’s Devil Uncovered

The truth came out. I was not wrong in the least. Hillary was and is being summoned by the elite businessmen, The Devil. Hillary’s emails are out, and so will the videos of the meetings. Hillary is conspiring against the American people, she admitted.

She admitted that she worships these devils, and her sacred books are the globalization treaties. She has a dream of open borders. Standing in front of them in a closed room telling them how she will execute their plans. They want their factories moved out to china, and they want their products sold in America.

The jobs are gone and the bogus Retraining Programs are what she offers instead. Retraining sixty-year-old men, who worked in the same job for tens of years. Go to whatever hole of fire you choose Hillary with your training programs.

The elite businessmen are showering her with hundreds of millions and maybe billions to win the election. They are using every dirty trick to hinder Trump.

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What saddens me is the fact that lots of his supporters did not stand to defend him. I did, and I am proud of it. I did not defend his words. I defended the idea that such videos should not be used in an election.

I am sorry if I have offended the respectable people who did not like the raunchy words I used, I was really angry. I just said it all. However, Hillary’s businessmen, on her behalf, are the ones who started it. I don’t care if this is the logic of a five-year-old, we are talking about families and jobs that feed their kids. I will not stand aside and watch them kick Trump around.

All of us should show them that we are not buying the junk they release to distract the people from their real problems. Trump is the one who stood and led the people. Maybe some people don’t like him. But Trump stood up and took on his back the burden of confronting the elite businessmen. What did those who are attacking him do? They sat on their couches and watched TV. Bravo.


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