The Truth about Abortion – Video Evidence of Exactly what Happens During an Abortion


Warning: the content in the following videos is not for the faint of heart as it describes the gruesome manner in which children are murdered in America everyday.

The brilliant folks at Live Action have launched a new website this week, called, which shows exactly what takes place during four different types of abortions… in vivid detail. The point is to show what the pro-abortion lobby is so afraid to admit, that abortion is a grotesquely monstrous process that murders an innocent life.

Live Action’s founder and president, Lila Rose, explained the project like this, “We’re here to show the facts. So that people can actually see – through medical animations – what abortion is actually doing to America’s children.”

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Rose also sat down with Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist who killed over 1200 people before realizing the horror of what he was doing. Rose and Levatino discussed his former life and how the death of his own child helped him realize the evil that he was a part of.

Watch as Dr. Levatino explains the various horrifying (yet completely legal) abortion procedures that are used in the United States today.

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