The Trump Revolution: Chapter VIII – A Call for the Safety of Trump

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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A Call for the Safety of Trump

I am calling on the CIA. You are the trusted and capable institution of this country, so listen.

All the elements of corruption in our country have gathered and united their forces against our leader Donald J. Trump. They are capable and dirty enough to resort to dirty plans. They want to see him gone. If they can’t break and/or buy him, they will eliminate him.

Donald Trump is more than a presidential candidate, he is a leader, so take on yourselves to foil their plans.


Foil their plans like you did with other unspoken of, catastrophic plans that you did not reveal to the public. “The safety of Trump is the safety of America and the World.” We would defend him ourselves, but no one can outsmart them, except you.

The catastrophic scenario is as simple as that:  The corrupt elite decides to kill Trump. They send whoever to kill him. Trump would be assassinated. They blame it on anyone else. “Radical Islamic Terrorism” comes in handy.

The investigations would be fixed. The coverup is done. They use their media to sell their story.

The radical fanatics will tango with them. They’ll learn about the incident from the media. They’ll find that they are being blamed. They cheer and claim responsibility for the incident. “Wow, they would like to get the false celebrity for doing something big like that.”

The corrupt elite would spill crocodile tears. And Trump is gone. End of the creepy scenario.

Now to the elite-businessmen, let me tell you something. Trump is a precious leader and it is very, very hard to replace him.

However, Trump is a revolution. A revolution of the people of a great nation who were deceived out of their future. A revolution of the people who figured out the devious plans of the greedy elite. A revolution of free people who know quite well how to defend their rights and to take back their country that has been stolen from them.

Instead of one Trump, we will show you one, two, or three hundred million Trumps. So beware the wrath of the patriots. We will make everyone who would harm Trump or even thought of doing it pay and pay dearly.

So, for every short-sighted conspirator who thinks of harming Trump, the safety of Trump is not only the safety of America, it is the safety of the World.

Can you see now that insuring Trump’s safety is even more important than insuring Obama’s safety? We know how this comes to be true, simply because Obama is a President and Trump is a Leader.

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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