The Trump Revolution: Chapter VI

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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How will America be with President Trump?

First we are talking about a fiery man who would turn a flat piece of land into a big beautiful tower on a precise schedule. You expect the same, within a precise schedule, for America to be rebuilt. He knows where to start and how to execute.

He knows how to use the knowledge of others and to make them work and achieve. We are talking about the ability to manage all the resources: financial, natural and human. Let’s address some problems and what solutions he has proposed.

The current America and its problems

I will be touching on some issues from the point of view of this book’s approach to the source of most of the problems of the United States. It is my thoughts and understanding of how things would go. I am not speaking on the man’s tongue.

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For Trump’s solutions and his opinions, I would refer the readers to a book that Trump authored titled Crippled America. Almost all of the problems are tangled together, so solving one would solve another.

The first problem and the source of all the problems is Job Outsourcing

Sending the American jobs abroad. The elite-businessmen closing the American factories one after another and moving them abroad, laying off American workers and employing foreign workers. This is the confrontation between Trump and the elite-businessmen. Outsourcing has to STOP, and the “Made in America” has to fill the stores’ shelves again.

The solution for this problem is all about negotiating prices, costs, taxing, custom fees, etc. Literally bartering. Tell me the truth, do you see a better candidate who can oversee such process? Donald Trump is the only candidate who took the challenge, from the beginning until the end, to reverse the outsourcing and all the other candidates did not even dare to mention this huge crippling problem. No wonder they are funded by the super-PACs, the elite-businessmen. Donald Trump is the only candidate who is strong enough to tackle this problem. The other candidates are not willing and not strong enough to take this big confrontation. Donald Trump is a businessman and he knows how to deal with the elite-businessmen and their plans and tricks to exploit the American people.

Would the candidates supported by super-PACs, elite-businessmen, do anything about it? Would they hurt their backers? I don’t think so.

The second problem is the Corruption and The Spill of Money;

Another confrontation with the elite-businessmen. Trump knows who is overcharging the American tax-payer. He knows how the elite-businessmen are exploiting the individuals by horribly overcharging services. He mentioned how he would solve these problems by negotiating prices and setting a system that creates real competition between companies.

Would the candidates supported by super-PACs, elite-businessmen do anything about it? Would they hurt their backers? I don’t think so.

The third problem is Aging, Ailing and Dead Structures

Dead towns, aging electric power grids, ailing bridges, dead downtowns of large cities, etc. As you can see, solving the Outsourcing problem would solve some of these problems, like the problem of the dead towns. In general, that’s where Trump would stand tall and say I will rebuild America, that is my job and that is what I am good at. He will do it for a much smaller bill because when it comes to construction, I don’t see how anyone would dare to offer the wrong price to

Trump. Would the candidates supported by super-PACs, elite-businessmen save our money from their masters, I don’t see how.

The fourth problem is the Illegal-Immigrants

This problem neither the republicans nor the democrats dared to approach. One only attempt ended with a failure. Why did they fail? What do you expect the answer to be? The corrupt elite-businessmen. They are comfortable with the current situation. They like the peasants, cheap labor with no rights at all. So, why should they look for a solution for what they don’t view as a problem? Have you seen any president Republican or Democrat approaching this problem? Have you seen any candidate other than Trump offering a serious solution? They just listen to their Masters’ order: “leave it like it is and don’t approach.” Trump has a solution and claiming that it is a failure before any study or any scientific discussion would tell you how devious the intentions of the elite-businessmen are. Do you consider a monitored controlled border an equivalent to the current situation?

Would the candidates supported by super-PACs, elite-businessmen do anything about it? Would they hurt their backers? I don’t think so.

The fifth problem is the Broken Social Security System and The Rising Age of Retirement

Another confrontation with the elite-businessmen. Again why would they care, consequently why would their politicians care? Do they care if you ever retire? If they don’t care if you lose your job, would they care if you retire? Solving the illegal immigrants problem the way Trump is proposing will solve this problem as well. It will inject more money in the social security system.

The sixth problem is Terrorism;

Among all the candidates Trump was the only candidate to address the problem and its roots. An urgent solution; a security approach where he is ready to take tough measures to secure the innocent people of America. Besides a political solution aiming at the roots of the problem, he showed intentions and new ideas to dismantle the tension in the Middle East. Trump is talking about building a strong military. Again he knows how to negotiate with the weapon-makers. Again no more overpricing and no more unnecessary purchases. They would not be able to advertise their expensive unnecessary items using their media and bribe the politicians to sign and buy. No more of that. This time we have Trump representing us. Regarding the roots of the problem, none of the other candidates dared to mention any solutions that are different from what the current and former presidents were doing which were nothing but failures and failures and more failures. Trump with a strong military will be able to impose solutions that would root out terrorism.

The seventh problem is Medical Care;

One more confrontation with the elite-businessman. Obama’s approach caused a major problem, loss of jobs, cut down to part time or lower hours offered. Simply, he indirectly asked the employers to fire their workers or lower their hours to avoid offering them health care. Add to this, Obama’s system did not offer reasonable health coverage for those who are not very poor. The high deductibles are making it unusable. The other candidates are between killing ObamaCare and that’s it; they offer no alternative. Others would keep it like it is. Trump on the other hand as we expect from an honorable businessman, he knows that the service has to be offered and to be affordable. By the way, that’s how he treats the people who work for him.

Remember what he said: “No one will die on the side of the road in my presidency.”

He doesn’t ignore the problem. He knows the false claims that has been dictated by the greedy elite-businessmen to their bought politicians about the health care system. They are happy to sell health care insurance that is not usable for the government. Here is a billionaire witnessing that there are misconducts. He knows how the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies are over-charging. And he knows how much the insurance companies are making in the middle.

Trump is representing us in the negotiations he knows how much the employers should pay and how much the hospital should be paid. Besides a system that allows real competition between the companies would cut the cost. Do you see now why everyone among the elite-businessmen is against him? Do you see now why every American should stand behind Trump?

Vote for the capitalist who knows how capitalism works. Vote for the American businessman who knows what an American businessman should do to build up America and not China.

Vote for the American businessman who can stand in front the dishonorable elite-businessmen, look them in the eye and tell them: “You are lying, greedy, heartless, money-grubbers; pay your dues and keep the jobs in America, traitors.”

They kept lying to us directly and through their bought politicians but now can they lie to our leader Donald J. Trump.

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Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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