The Trump Football Strategy Is Working Brilliantly

The NFL shouldn’t play Trump football because they can’t afford to lose, but the players give them no choice.

The Trump football strategy is simple. There are thousands of voters out there who are in general pro-America but they could perhaps get embarrassed or intimidated by the media to oppose Trump. Often, this doesn’t matter but it will be crucial in 2018 and 2020. Even now Trump probably could use a surge against the deep state and establishment Republicans. Football is his ticket for that surge.

The NFL foolishly opened themselves up to the Trump football strategy because they coddled their privileged, wealthy players who wanted to publicly oppose the United States and frame it—their viewers—as a racist society. Since these players are reacting to Trump, the President  is in the driver seat. By calling out the NFL, he prompts the players to act worse and thus further alienate their audience—and drive them toward Trump!

Thus, AFP reports, “Wave of protests grip NFL after Trump urges fan boycott.

Yet players throughout America’s most popular sport took a defiant stance on Sunday, in the largest such demonstration since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the protests in 2016.

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The first mass protest took place at the NFL’s London game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens at Wembley Stadium, where a large number of players from both teams knelt.

In Nashville, neither the Seattle Seahawks nor the Tennessee Titans took to the field to observe the national anthem.

“We will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of this color in this country,” Seattle players said in a statement just prior to kickoff.

This is exactly what President Trump wanted in order to demonstrate why he deserves America’s support.

I don’t like the NFL, professional sports, or American civic religion. But American consumers have as much a right as anyone to not be insulted by millionaires they pay handsomely to entertain them.

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