The Ted Cruz Surge Moves West!


One wonders if Donald Trump is starting to get a bit nervous about the rise of Ted Cruz. No, Cruz hasn’t shot to the front of the pack in much the same way that Trump did several months ago… but he’s done something perhaps even more impressive — he has continued to move gradually up the polling ladder over the last few months. Cruz has done this despite attacks from the left, right and establishment wings. Cruz has not only weathered assaults from liberals, but he’s faced them down from his presidential competition. Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and even Donald Trump have all taken their swings at Senator Cruz, and still he continued (and continues) his steady rise to the top.

First, Cruz surged to the front of the pack in Iowa. Then he moved securely into 2nd place in South Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada.

But now he’s done something even more stunning. He’s taken the lead away from Donald Trump in California!

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Field Poll of California GOP Primary 2


In the most recent poll of California voters, Ted Cruz has leaped ahead of billionaire real estate mogul, Donald Trump into first place. Not only that, Cruz doubles up Trump when it comes to “2nd choice” among voters, putting the Senator from Texas in a very strong position to win the California primary in June.

Indeed, Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo told the Sacramento Bee that, “What you see is that beyond just the horse race, where (Cruz) is in a statistical tie with Trump, he seems to be much better positioned to be the beneficiary of the declining fortunes of other candidates. He seems to be the candidate who is best positioned to capture even more support from other candidates as the field winnows.”

When asked by the Sacramento Bee to explain why he is so impressed with Cruz, one California voter said, “First of all, he’s a Christian. And second of all, he sticks to his values … Cruz has just been a positive 100 percent conservative.”

That’s exactly right.

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