The Tactics of our Enemy: Why Our Society is in Such Tatters

In protest of President elect Trump’s victory, our main stream media (MSM) outlets are currently feasting  upon the pampered throngs of young idealists who have never heard the word “no.” Not only that, these inheritors of our future have never so much as even taken the time to familiarize themselves with their country’s glorious past.

In addition to this desensitization campaign of our young, the adults in the room, or should I say the parental class who has viewed modern day education as merely day care camps, make up the older version of what is now rampaging through our city streets.  Due to their own fundamental lack of useful education, they can only applaud as they relive their own college rebelliousness.

For those of the older and/or uneducated class, i.e. media spin, what ever happened to our own rambunctious nature?  Could it be that we knew better and are now the more tolerant segment of this intolerant society?

Could it be that we’ve lived life, endured the ups and downs, the set backs and failures?  Could it be that we have learned one of life’s tougher lessons; that more can be learned from losing than winning a ballgame and that only winners take home the trophy?

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Now what does our current society reflect?  Certainly not a robust “can do” approach.  And what happened to American “individuality?”  The strength of America resides outside the herd, not being party to those who follow mindlessly.  And where did such compliance originate, and conversely, what was the cattle call, the impetus or cause for such heated street protests?

The answer is as obvious as it is basic.  It is simply a case of then versus now, with emphasis upon what has changed. For this examination, we need to start at the roots, for as the old adage instructs, “as the twig is bent, so grows the mighty tree.”  Or words to that effect.

Without intending to insult, American success quickly vamped into apathy after WWII.  Just as with any great challenge or in this case threat, winning offers relief, along with pride.  And this was the atmosphere of post-war America.

Along the way as we lost our foundations and traditions, while our enemies remained dedicated and plotting.  At home, communism was perceived as far away, akin with the Cold War aura.  Still, was it that far removed?

Have we ever stopped to consider about how it is that during the last fifty or so years, innovations have drastically altered all that was accepted, practical and efficient?  In all endeavors, are we that fortunate to have all this so called progress or is it that this rash of changes, over time, has contributed to our dysfunctional concerns and societal unraveling?  And of this calamity, who or what entity benefits?

Uncharacteristically, Americans now blend into this mode of obedient, or at least, unquestioned believing.  We have become open to change yet each turn confuses, contradicts or just befuddles what was previously relied upon but more importantly, what worked.

Generally, all this upheaval has at some point been related to and/or with our young children.  At home, family authority has weakened from the necessity for two incomes.  And at school, the calamity is magnified from “new age” theorems which has generally lowered student understanding and scholastic scoring while raising disciplinary occurrences.

School curriculums are currently devoid of Civics, American History, Geography and Classic literature.  Even cursive writing has lost its value, along with proper spelling.  All this should lead one to ask, “what is left to teach?”

At home, nighttime television viewing has long ago passed the risqué level and sadly, without any appreciable parental blow back.  Music has introduced new indecencies, again without any censorship or rebuke.  Family dinner times, featuring home cooking and quality food, along with normal interactions and parental guidance is sorely missing.  And at school, students are permitted to wear just about anything since to restrict inhibits their free expression and self worth, or again, so we are told.

This brief composite of these norm changes provides clues as to why our society is in such tatters.  And higher learning only entrenches this educational psychosis, since in one report, a college class project called for joining in with the street demonstrations denouncing Trump’s victory.  What more of academia needs to be revealed before the exorbitance of high brow indoctrination becomes too high a price to pay?

As previously mentioned, how is it that in such a brief period, all these new aged theories have taken hold of our being?  What perversion necessitated such anti-American dictates?  Consider our gush over “political correctness,” “diversity,” or this “global citizenship” craze. Where do they originate from? What or who benefits from all these new age stratagems?  Certainly not our children nor our Country!

We are in a struggle.  Our country dodged a recent bullet but that weapon is reloading.  What is taking place on America’s streets is the communist tool of anarchy.  What we do will determine if our tomorrows still embrace American ideals or as Khrushchev predicted, “the United States will eventually fly the communist’ Red Flag…and the American people will hoist it themselves.”

Why is it that Khruschev could recognize our societal dismantling way back in 1962 while today, we continue to deny it?

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