The Supreme Court has No Moral Authority to Rule on Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court will make a ruling on whether same-sex marriage should be made the law of the land. If it does, what will the states do? Will we see states ignoring the ruling of the court since there is nothing in the Constitution – including the 14th Amendment – giving jurisdiction to the national government on the redefinition of marriage?

One of the biggest problems with the Constitution is that it does not set forth a firm foundation for its authority beyond “We the people. . .” But even the people are being overruled by renegade judges who overturn laws prohibiting same-sex marriage in more than a dozen states. The Constitution in fact should read “We five judges. . .” Our founders never meant it to be this way.

It’s inconceivable that both state and federal representation can be overruled by five unelected judges who are no greater authority than themselves.

In yesterday’s opening arguments on same-sex marriage,

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“The most dramatic moment in a historic case before the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage Tuesday morning came after the first attorney had wrapped up her argument. ‘Gay marriage is an abomination in the eyes of God,’ suddenly screamed a protester in the courtroom.

“After continuing his protest, the man was escorted from the court room.

Justice Antonin Scalia quipped, ‘That was refreshing, actually,’ causing loud laughter to ripple through the courtroom.”

Yes, it was refreshing since it pointed out that the Supreme Court Justices have no clothes under their robes, that is, they have no basis on which to make sound moral rulings.

They rely on precedent. But on what does the first precedent rest on? It all comes down to personal opinion, but only some opinions matter.


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