The Storms are Coming….Are you Prepared? Here’s 15 Things to Do

Hurricane Irma has quickly upgraded to a category 5 hurricane, and Florida is in a state of emergency. We are preparing here in Georgia as well considering we have been warned about massive storms and possibly even tornados.

Not to mention, Jose has evolved into a Tropical Storm and is on the tail on Irma.

Washington Post reports:

Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez said Tuesday that officials could ask some of the county’s 2.7 million residents to begin evacuating as early as Wednesday, calling Irma’s potential impact an “all hands on deck” situation for local officials.

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“This hurricane is far too powerful, poses far too great a threat for us to delay actions any further,” Gimenez said at a news briefing.

Gimenez also urged people in the county to have at least three days worth of food, water and other basic supplies on hand.

“This is a powerful storm which poses a serious threat to our area,” Gimenez said. He added: “I would rather inconvenience our residents on this occasion than suffer any unnecessary loss of life if in fact we are hit by hurricane Irma. It is still too early to know if we will take a direct hit.”


Are you prepared for a hurricane, if you’re in the line of fire? Here are 15 ways to help make sure you are prepared, in addition to stocking up on water and non perishable food:

  1. Fill your gas tank
  2. Fill all necessary prescriptions
  3. Get a manual can opener
  4. Fill your tub with water in order to be able to flush, wash dishes, etc.
  5. Buy enough pet food, and include them your water supply
  6. Do you have babies? Stock up on diapers and formula, and even feminine hygiene products
  7. Get propane for your grill
  8. Ensure that you have cash in case that’s all the money you have access to for a while
  9. Charge all your devices….even if power lines are down, you can still listen to music or play games
  10. Put all you important papers (Birth certificates, deed, homeowners or rental insurance policy, passports, automobile paperwork) into a water tight container 
  11. Wash all your laundry in case you can’t do laundry for a while
  12. Fill your freezer with bags of ice and/or water bottles.
  13. Buy extra ammo, always have a way to protect yourself
  14. Stock up on paper products (paper plates, plastic utensils, toilet paper, paper towels)
  15. Get oil lamps, lanterns, candles, flashlights, and matches

Is there anything else that you would to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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