Megyn Kelly’s Slide Is Too Ugly for the Media to Ignore

Whatever may be said about his values, I don’t here President Trump speaking that way that often. It seems he’s “presidential” than Kelly is “substantive.” She comes across as a hollow mouthpiece for bankrupt sexual values (doing show that glorify adultery and “throuples”).

At one time Megyn Kelly was a big star; now the only thing big about her is her collapse.

Due to her sudden change from a star to a burning meteorite, Megyn Kelly is making headlines mainly due to her unpopularity. People think it is because of the way she opposed Donald Trump. That was part of it. But in important ways she also revealed that she was like some of Trump’s worst features in her own way. I don’t know how the President feels about divorce now, but it has been obviously something he was totally comfortable with for most of his life.

Now listen below and hear Megyn Kelly talk about the soon-to-be princess being an “evolved woman” because she is a divorcee.

Whatever may be said about his values, I don’t hear President Trump speaking that way that often. It seems he’s more “presidential” than Kelly is “substantive.” She comes across as a hollow mouthpiece for bankrupt sexual values (doing shows that glorify adultery and “throuples”).

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The Wall Street Journal reports, “NBC Bet $69 Million on Megyn Kelly—Then Viewers Vanished.

Megyn Kelly was supposed to bring star power to NBC News and a bigger, broader audience of morning viewers to its “Today” show franchise.

Instead, the three-year, $69 million bet to woo Ms. Kelly from her conservative prime-time perch at Fox News is backfiring.

Since taking over the 9 a.m. hour of the lucrative morning show in September and rebranding it “Megyn Kelly Today,” Ms. Kelly has struggled to make the shift to daytime broadcast television, with its delicate balance of soft features and hard news. Her ratings declines and higher production costs have been a drag on a critical franchise for NBC.

“I need to introduce myself to people who don’t know me or know some bastardized version of me that they’ve gotten from a website or a TV show,” Ms. Kelly said in an interview. “There are definitely some who only know me through some caricature they learned about on ‘The Daily Show.’ ”

Some of NBC’s affiliate TV stations are unhappy with the drop in viewers, and staffers on other NBC News shows have been grumbling about Ms. Kelly’s lofty budget. Hollywood publicists started steering their A-list talent away from the program when a feud erupted with Jane Fonda after Ms. Kelly asked the actress on-air about her plastic surgery.

In addition, Ms. Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine, which premiered to disappointing ratings last summer, has been reduced to occasional prime-time specials.

NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack’s big bet on Ms. Kelly was a throwback to the golden age of broadcast news when networks routinely awarded so-called star anchors huge contracts, believing the face delivering the news was as important as the news itself.

Today, the landscape of network and cable television is so big that there isn’t one person who necessarily draws the kind of audience to justify that cost, said Marcy McGinnis, a 30-year veteran of CBS News who is now a consultant.

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