The Sinister Intent of a Biased Leftwing Media

Claiming a propaganda outlet as ‘the media’ or ‘the press’ only masks what was a proud profession while encouraging its current misdeeds of distortions and fables. 

Claiming a propaganda outlet as ‘the media’ or ‘the press’ only masks what was a proud profession while encouraging its current misdeeds of distortions and fables.

While the term ‘sinister’ may seem brutish, what else is more appropriate for an industry which masquerades its intentional false story telling as being news worthy enough as to enter our most inner circles?

This age of information has become so suffocating with its totality that avoiding its influence is as nearly impossible as is the stiffening of our resolve against its propagandizing format.  So, labeling its motives and purpose as ‘sinister’ become even more appropriate when viewing its affects from its end game.

Take for instance something as basic and valued as ‘success’ or being ‘successful.’  This most elementary goal has been downplayed, as media accounts of ‘victimhood’ seem to capture the public’s fancy.  This accounting of such an abnormal and crippling status, while not singularly rooted on the editor’s desk, has never-the-less contributed to this backward mindset.

At its highest pinnacle, success must be national since it tends to touch all lives.  Today, nothing underscores this abnormal shift more than the media’s treatment of a President.  As quickly as the next sunrise, Presidential adoration vanished as shock gave way to bitterness and vitriol following Trump’s 2016 election.  Excepting one major outlet, this about face became institutionalized throughout.  No stone was or is left unturned as each ordinary instance or innocuous comment became dissected, twisted or exaggerated for the stirring up of public animosity.  Appointments and policies received harsher treatments.

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This eighteen month crusade, designed for crippling a duly elected President, now centers upon the controversy of separating children from parents who by their irresponsible actions have created such a controversy.   Finally, after all these excruciating tales of ‘stormy’ accusations and picky commentary of First Lady footwear, America’s establishment/media, along with their democratic cohorts, have seized upon what will be their ‘all in’  mid term wager.  Namely, the “ripping of the child away from its loving mother’s arms.”   When gauged through the prism of national security, Federal law and the responsibility of journalism, rarely has a profession sunk to such low points of despair, politically or otherwise.

This editorializing of the absurd and distorted or about the minutest of Presidential flubs was recently highlighted with headlines blaring about our President’s habit of “tearing up White House documents and papers.”  Apparently, this habit translates into “absolutely breaking the law.”

Not treated as inconsequential nor meaning to minimize the value of proper Presidential documentations, this report does reveal the depth to which the media’s microscope now inspects verses pre-Trump times.  As such, there is an obvious chasm of accounting between then and now.   Being new to this political venue, what appears to be a personal and innocent habit from his business days has now caused a media uproar over an injury to what is valued as the “complete accounting of history…”

Were editorials focused upon such “accounting” concerns since that most crucial Benghazi night.  Not only does an accounting still await, few venture a reason or even a guess at where the President was when that middle of the night call went unanswered.  And now, all of a sudden, a “complete accounting,” not of life or death, but of preserving papers, becomes key?

Another example is this over played investigation into what was supposedly Russian collusion but now has drifted into the obstruction of justice arena.  This circus again tests the public’s common sense and patience.  While the press decries our President for his tweets about a ‘witch hunt,’ what term better describes a year plus investigation based upon a ‘must be’ theory?

The fact that this $20 million plus Mueller effort originated without probable cause, much less evidence, yet manages to still capture front page ink, is in itself an indictment of the media’s complicity.

Our President’s firm North Korean stand, which was a one eighty from his predecessor, produced a never before meeting with that country’s leader.  Given that the prospect of a probable nuclear war was at least stalled if not possibly eliminated, our media preferred painting the entire affair with a negative brush while ignoring that the population of South Korea’s capital is more than triple that of New York City!  As President Trump said, with such numbers hanging in the balance, he would go anywhere for a meeting.

Once again, ‘sinister’ is the appropriate word for an industry which ignores the fruits of our American success simply based upon one person.  Depicting frank discussions as being rude matters little verses a rising stock market, record low unemployment figures and a begrudging but growing respect worldwide.  So it is that the media’s emphasis upon untruths and gross distortions, while ignoring our journey to greatness, does in fact define the word ‘sinister.’

Bottom line is that yes, President Trump differs greatly, but our Country and her citizens are benefiting from his outspoken brand of leadership.  If Americans can separate the media’s mountainous depictions of Trump’s inconsequential molehills, his two scoops of ice cream may become three!

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