The Simplest of Equations

We must bury this election vendetta since it is obvious, especially due to this current invasion question, that it has become a political weapon. 

Granted, the democrats finally think they have an election issue to run on so they will not let this baby sleep.  After all the other attempts to infuriate and weaken the right’s support for Trump, and there has been many, this is their can’t miss “no brainer” since it rekindles America’s natural concerns for our young.  So be patient since this will be a daily dose.  Meanwhile, cool heads may still prevail when considering the following approach.

In simplest terms, an equation strips away all political rhetoric for the preference of calm and unemotional analysis.  Also, its bottom line result offers a most sensible solution with remarkable clarity.  For this issue, which should be a non-issue except for the heightening of the public’s heated emotions, the basic analysis calls upon a balancing of the pluses verses the minuses, leaving one hand holding  the most sway.

On one hand, there is our immigration law which affords a greater assurance for public safety. Also with the law’s enforcement comes a national determining and control of who America accepts into her home.  In addition, this legal format grants greater assurances of loyalty, productivity and assimilation of those entering  All facets of society and America herself benefit as this legal method of entry nourishes America’s famous “melting pot” venue.

On the other hand, there is the alternative of open borders which now features a humanitarian plea of, “who are we to be so fortunate that others should not enjoy a better life also?”  Quite a noble sentiment, while at the same time fomenting a disaster since its premise dismisses the obvious limitation of land due to the inference that all may enter.

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Also with open borders comes the factor of the unknown, along with its daily uncertainty.  It would be foolish to dismiss the obvious that foreigners with terroristic intentions have not already taken advantage of our border dilemma. To officially grant entry and or asylum to any and all would be another disaster.  Even without a murderous event, the tranquility of our peace of mind would be lost.  Now, top all this with the question, “open borders for what, for who?”

Our entire existence as an independent, sovereign and prosperous country hangs in the balance.  The one hand offers limited but legal entry while the other generally revolves around various disaster scenarios. With such a drastic alternative, the choice is clear.  So what reason stirs this self destructive issue?

At this point, and as the above process clearly suggests, we as a free and caring people need to realize that we are being played.  While this is shaping up to be the bandwagon issue for cementing democrat success in 2018, any common sense approach unmasks the undercurrent within this absurdity.  The issue is a non issue since calamity and misfortune will become America’s unavoidable fate  As such, the above query of “what or who” benefits only points in one mulish direction.  When stripping away all this humanitarian banter, it’s sole concern centers upon votes.

To believe that members of one major political party care more about little Pedro than remembering campaign promises to back home constituents is at this point, dangerous.  What is being sacrificed for the empowerment of the vote is the commonality of our Americanism.  While the machinations of politics will always attempt to divide and conquer, by hoisting individual ‘us verses them’ banners, we all bleed red, white and blue.  Not only is this our country to love and cherish, it is ours to protect and defend from the aggressor, be it foreign or domestic.

Sit back and try to objectively estimate the actual total of illegal aliens that are already here.   This eleven million number is bogus.  A more accurate estimate would be well over twenty million and some even suggest that thirty million is now in our rear view mirror.  Also too, this “in country” foreign presence actually provides the insane reasoning to the democrat’s anti-voter ID stance.  Again, their claim of racism concerning an everyday requirement is as transparent as it is reckless.

We must bury this election vendetta since it is obvious, especially due to this current invasion question, that it has become a political weapon.  Also, it hinders our answering the most searing question which confronts us; why one major political entity is willing to sacrifice all that is America and all that she promises to be, simply for attaining the required impeachment numbers.  This is a price not worthy and the simplest of equations prove it!

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