The Sanctity of Life: Why We Must Fight!

A couple of days ago I shared the best pro-life video that Glenn Beck has ever seen… today, I’ve decided to share the best one I’ve ever seen. Please take five minutes to watch the excerpt below (or if you have time, take an hour to watch the full sermon even further down) and then share it with your friends, family and on your social media.

Pastor Matt Chandler from the Village Church in Dallas, Texas has delivered an important message on the sanctity of life and just how important it is for Christians to stand against abortion – no matter what the rest of our culture says.

In the rest of his sermon he also exhorts Christians to engage the culture around them in a meaningful and influential way. He gives four ways to do so:

  1. Repent
  2. Pray
  3. This should inform how we vote
  4. Get off the sideline and get involved

This has to become our heartbeat. This has to become consistent. This has to become what we do moving forward.

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Pay attention to how we spend money so we can free up more money to support such things. Look into adoption and foster to adopt. Create spaces in our homes where people who have fallen on difficult times might join us for a season to get loved back to health. This is what Christian hospitality is. Or we can just kind of cross our fingers and hope while another million babies are murdered. May it not be on our watch.

Who is going to carry their flag? Who is going to stand in their defense? You want to talk about the Civil Rights Movement? Who are you going to talk about? Martin Luther King Jr. Why? Because he was the voice. He was the flag. He was the one going, “Not on our watch!” Who? The unborn can’t do it. The unborn don’t have one among them who might lead them and protect them.

That responsibility falls on us, and the Bible clearly says our call is to the least of these. Who is more least than the unborn? There is no genocide, war, ethnic group out there who is more oppressed and suffering, more unjust slaughter today than the unborn. God help us. 

Full Sermon

You can see the full transcript of the sermon at the Village Church website.

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