The Russia Inquisition Will Sweep Up Democrats

Destroying the Trump Administration was the whole point of the Russia inquisition, but it will damage Democrats too.

The Russia inquisition is the ongoing attempt to find some way of punishing Donald Trump for becoming President and trying to make peace with the Kremlin. But it turns out Democrats were also involved in “helping” a Russian ally—the leader of Ukraine before the coup arranged by the E.U. and the U.S.A.

I doubt any of this is extraordinarily evil. The U.S. State Department and the U.S. media are probably whitewashing the activities of the current government in Kiev. And we are still treating the Saudi Kingdom as an ally. Lying is just a part of foreign relations.

The Daily Beast reports, “Paul Manafort Teamed Up with Obama’s Lawyer to Help Putin Ally.

It wasn’t just Republicans.

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When Paul Manafort needed a powerful D.C. law firm to bless an alarming act by his clients in Kiev’s pro-Kremlin regime in Kiev, Donald Trump’s future campaign chairman turned to attorneys with significant ties to Barack Obama’s administration.

In exchange, a team led by Obama’s former White House counsel Greg Craig at the firm of Skadden Arps produced a report that whitewashed the pro-Putin government of Viktor Yanukovych for jailing Yanukovych’s anti-Kremlin predecessor. Manafort consulted for Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. And they did it all for roughly $13,000—a conspicuously small amount for top lawyers at a prestigious law firm. (Prosecutors in Ukraine have reportedly alleged a million dollars more in secret payments.)

It’s an episode indicating Manafort, who now faces criminal investigation in the Trump-Russia saga, made sure to try to spread the wealth to the Democratic Party before assisting in Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. And it underscores that a truly independent investigation into Russian election interference would likely implicate Democratic figures as well as Republicans—something already emerging, as work that PR firms with ties to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats did for Vladimir Putin’s allies become increasingly conspicuous.

Asked at the time if Yanukovych—and by extension, Manafort—had succeeded in “buying” a former White House counsel, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland let the implication hang in the air. “I can’t speak to the relationship that the Ukrainian Government has with a private law firm in the United States,” she said.

Read the entire Daily Beast article.

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