The Rob Porter Scandal Resurrects the False Michelle Fields Accusation!

To find a “pattern” liberals and NeverTrump conservatives repeat not only unproven allegations but the disproven Michelle Fields accusation.

The Rob Porter scandal is bad but that’s no excuse for dredging up the Michelle Fields accusation. In fact, the “pattern” pundits claim to find in Donald Trump may be simply a wish to doubt unproven allegations against people he trusts. Or against political allies that he knows the media hates because it wants to tear him down.

I don’t mind Liberals doing this because I know they’re worthless. But I truly detest Ben Shapiro being so worthless, yet he does so repeatedly.

I’ve queued up the video below because it not only shows Shapiro’s allegations but soundly refutes them.

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Here’s a typical editorial: “Trump’s support for accused abuser fits pattern.

President Donald Trump has offered lots of supportive words for men accused of misconduct toward women. He says he’s personally been falsely accused, after all.

The president made no mention Friday of the women who have accused Rob Porter, Trump’s staff secretary until he resigned this week, of domestic abuse. But Trump advised people to remember that Porter says he’s innocent.

Here’s a look at what the president has said about various misconduct allegations.


“How do you know those bruises weren’t there before?”

Trump, in March 2016, defending former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski against a battery charge stemming from an altercation with reporter Michelle Fields.

Read the full editorial.

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