The Rise of Gay Fascism – No One is Safe…

If you listen to the “gay” community and their accolades, Christians are the ones imposing their morality on them. But as we’re seeing, there are a whole lot of “gays” who aren’t really gay; they’re downright nasty, scary, vindictive, and dangerous.

  • Washington: Florist Barronelle Stutzman was fined by the state for not providing flowers for a “gay” wedding. Now her home and personal savings are at risk.
  • New Mexico: Photographer Elaine Huguenin was ordered by the state to give a lesbian $7,000 for declining to take pictures of a lesbian wedding.
  • Oregon: Aaron and Melissa Klein were fined $150,000 by the state for refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding based on religious objections.
  • Kentucky: Blaine Adamson was ordered by the city of Lexington to undergo “sensitivity training” for refusing to print T-shirts for a gay pride festival.

gaymobAnd, of course, there’s the action by homosexuals to put Memories Pizza out of business, not for denying anybody service, but for saying that they would not cater a “gay wedding.” Was there any indication that people who claim to be “gay” were ever discriminated against by the people at Memories Pizza? Not in the least. In fact, who comes into an eating establishment and says, “Hi, I’m gay. I’d like to order a pizza with double cheese, pepperoni, and sausage”?

It’s ridiculous…


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