The Refugee Crisis has become a “Golden Opportunity” for ISIS and They’re Taking Advantage of it

We’re all heartbroken at the plight of the Muslim refugees who are flocking into Europe in an effort to escape the violence and terror in Syria, Iraq and Libya. As Americans (and as Westerners) we are conditioned to empathize, sympathize and attempt to help those in such need. However, this latest crisis comes with an element of grave danger, not just for the refugees, but also for those showing mercy.

A new report from Buzzfeed explains how the Muslim terrorists at ISIS are using the refugee crisis as an opportunity to infiltrate Europe in an effort to wreak mass terror throughout the continent.

An ISIS operative traveled across the Syrian border late last year, settled in a Turkish port city, and began work on a mission to sneak jihadis into Europe. It has been successful, he said, in an interview near the Turkey-Syria border: “Just wait”…

Despite crackdowns from Turkish authorities, ISIS continues to move its fighters across a porous, 565-mile border that has long been a transit point for jihadis traveling to and from Syria’s war. Those who need them are given fake Syrian passports, the smuggler said, which can be relatively easy to obtain. After he receives the fighters, the smuggler said, he puts them up in a hotel, waiting for the passenger list for the refugee ship to fill and the weather to be right. They leave Turkey like any refugees: on small boats that steal them away to cargo ships anchored in international waters. The smuggler said he had 10 fighters waiting in one port city, “and we will send them on the next ship”…

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ISIS Refugees MuslimThe operative claimed that ISIS had sent some 4,000 fighters to Europe. Given international efforts to clamp down on the group, the number seemed improbably high, and he may have cited it as an attempt to boost the group’s stature and spread fear. His other comments suggested a more modest effort in which ISIS struggled to keep ahead of Turkish and Western authorities. “We need to smuggle them quickly,” he said of the fighters. But smugglers insisted on waiting until their ships filled well past capacity, the operative said, sometimes with as many as 700 people. “We can’t pay for all the refugees just to have enough to send the ship,” he said.

Already there are millions of Muslims living in the West, many of whom sympathize with the hardline terrorists organizations (like ISIS and al Qaeda). This crisis will only heighten the fears, anxieties and dangers of life for non-Muslim Europeans, as the threat of terrorist acts succeeding is suddenly becoming greater everyday.

While we sympathize with the pains of those innocent refugees, the nations of the West SHOULD take every precaution to protect their own citizens, even as they try to lighten the load for these hundreds of thousands of refugees. However, that help should come by way of greater funding of refugee camps in the Middle East and by way of political pressure on other Muslim nations to take these poor people in. As of now, many of the other Middle Eastern nations have not yet accepted even ONE refugee!

Instead of Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary and other European nations being forced to shelter these refugees – that duty should fall to the neighboring nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, U.A.E., Yemen and the others. The dangers and costs of the trek from Syria, Libya and Iraq to Europe are far too great for thousands to undertake at one time.

And frankly, the dangers to the West are far too great for the refugees to be accepted in such numbers.

Show mercy, but use wisdom as you do.

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