The Real Fifth Column in American Politics

It’s time to call out the Democratic Party and its Marxist-Leninist acolytes for what they are.

Once upon a time in the United States, there was a Democratic party that represented noble and worthy aspirations: strong national defense, protection of and betterment of the working American and the preservation of the liberties and freedoms passed down to us through generations of Americans who preceded us.

Today, the Democratic party, as shockingly difficult as it is to understand, has opened up its doors to a new breed of political affiliate – it has embraced a nest of vipers, a den of Marxist-Leninist thugs bent on the total obliteration of not only traditional Democratic party values, but American values with it. The current mutant strand of demagogues and destroyers has emasculated the party of Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, leaving in its wake an army of black clad hoodlums bent on ending free of speech and advocating a call to arms against the Republican-Conservative opposition. There is no denying how this sinister movement has been steadily gaining traction in its ugliest and most extreme manifestations, whether as mock beheadings of an American President or the attempted assassination of Republican-Conservative political leaders on a baseball field. These incontrovertible facts are there for the eyes of every honest man and woman to behold, and are given tacit support by the failure of flaccid liberal Democratic party leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to unequivocally, roundly and categorically denounce. We will be lulled into the usual kumbaya blather about how the recent shooting of Representative Steve Scalise, while preparing to participate in a charity event, is a moment for us “all to come together.” That moment is just that, blather, and an exercise in the most extreme and contemptuous hypocrisy perpetrated against fair-minded Americans, who now understand that radical, Marxist-Leninist Left-wingers are now front and center in control of the Democratic party.

There is something of the atmosphere in the United States today akin to the years immediately leading up to Civil War. We have arrived at a point where reasonable men can no longer and will no longer be willing to speak out against the rabidly obsessive unacceptance of the Trump Presidency by the Democratic party and their criminal Leftist minions. The principles of resistance being espoused by the Left are not predicated on sincere policy disagreements so much as a maniacal determination to do everything possible to disrupt, diminish and ultimately see discharged the duly elected 45th President of the United States. The radical program of disrupt and destroy is being given political cover and legitimacy in the the political bureaucracy, in Hollywood and in the news media. Let’s take the current political establishment as the most shameful example of this reign of terror. Maxine Waters, the Democratic party’s “mouth piece” for initiation of impeachment proceedings against the sitting President represents the 43rd Congressional District, which largely comprises South Central Los Angeles, an area that would hardly be recognized as a mecca of economic opportunity or gracious living. This course and seditious loud-mouthed liberal has capitalized on countless anti-poverty dollars to supposedly benefit the District she serves, programs that seem to have had negligible results in mitigating the poor housing, poor schools, high unemployment, and drug related street violence of the people she supposedly represents. She is a consummate phony, and I don’t give a hoot and hell about her civil rights record. When that mantle is raised, when any African American’s role in Civil Rights is dared questioned ,it is the Left’s signal for people to cease and desist in their criticism and probing of a real phony Democratic politician, lest one be branded as racist or a white supremacist. She is a phony because as a typical Democratic politician, she resides in the posh Hancock Park neighborhood, far removed from her less well heeled constituents. She is also a charlatan and a fraud, added to the Congressional list of most corrupt members in 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011. And wouldn’t you know it that it just so happened she too had business ties to the Russians, the very thing she wants President Trump impeached for, and that members of her own family benefited to the tune of over 1 million dollars in doing business with companies and causes that “Auntie, ” was involved with!!! Maxine Waters is a disgrace to the Democratic party, and yet her yapping gums bombard us nightly with her insipid calls for impeachment of yes, “MY PRESIDENT.” The Maxine Waters examples are legion, be they Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Thomas Perez, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi…Lost ships in the political night, now cowed by subversives and assassins.

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Similarly, the Hollywood glitter set has once again proved the depth of its shallowness and subversiveness. We must remember that Hollywood is the “Alt Fake”World, where people are paid millions to be someone other than who they really are. Is it any wonder to the average, hard working and honest American that these people are below contemptuous, especially when they pontificate about the rights of the oppressed before retreating into their gated communities ladened with booze and cocaine? In the name of defending art, they stage plays depicting a Donald Trump like person supposedly representing Julius Caesar being stabbed to death before an adoring crowd in New York’s Central Park. While Christians are being slaughtered by fanatical Islamic Jihadi, Kathy Griffin shamelessly displays the bloodied representation of President Trump’s beheaded skull. And of course, the arch slut of rock and roll, Madonna, brags of her tormented dreams of blowing up the White House. Maybe its me, but these sound like presentations of overt acts of violence. Maybe the likes of Kathy Griffin and Madonna should try out their perverted forms of political protest in a country like Iran or Turkey, or maybe they should just be paid a visit by the Secret Service or the F.B.I.?

Lastly, the handmaid of the Democratic Left’s destruction machine is the supposed all important balanced, unbiased and independent American news media. Perhaps the greatest threat to American democracy lies with a press and media that makes no mistake of its biases, preferences and ultimate power in shaping our concept of what is truth and what is correct. A free media engaged in robust investigation of the “facts” is an essential part of any healthy and functioning democracy. The American media abandoned the pursuit of veracity long ago, and so rather than presenting facts for people to draw their own conclusions, they are determined to draw the conclusions for you. If anyone thinking that the continuous hemorrhage of leaks about events connected to the Russian collusion probe is about fair and balanced reporting, you are as mistaken in that belief as in thinking that the media is interested in giving Donald Trump any semblance of fair coverage with respect to his Presidency.

The gathering storm clouds over our land continue to be both gray and ominous. America is slipping into a coma, as a cast of outlaws is attempting to reshape and redirect our nation’s project of existence. Our once great and compassionate Republic is being sniped away by a thicket of snakes, rodents and poisonous insects. The Democratic party has negated its legitimacy as a true, representative political party. It has allowed itself to become captive of the true “deplorables” in American society, those bent on violence and destruction. It is essential that every freedom loving American take notice of this phenomenon and both speak as well as act. Join movements for the preservation of our cherished freedoms; Become involved in groups that stress and promote freedom of speech and religion; Support political candidates who believe in government by and for the people, and a government that is not cowed by the exigencies of race, gender or identity politics. Most importantly, support love of God, love of your family and love of our great country. This is one American who will never be cowed by Left-wing attempts at suppression and denial of the way of life I love and cherish, just as you do.

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