The Question is Why Should we Listen to GOP Establishment Voices who Speak Out Against Donald Trump?

Four days into the new year and Trump has deflated all hopes and expectations of his quick departure.  Some rated his candidacy as an ego booster while others cavalierly pointed to it just being an expensive hobby. At this point, I think all of the above irrelevancy has been settled since he may well be the Republican nominee!

So, at this juncture, the question becomes: what is Trump’s stiffest competition?  Most would name Hillary or that determined socialist.  Wrong!  The answer to this great question contains only four letters — RINO.  His greatest pushback will come from his own people, along with the Republican establishment.

Since Obama’s original 2008 success, the political damage within the Republican ranks has had a fracturing effect.

Almost immediately, their 2008 champion left many deflated and glum.  McCain was neither popular nor energized for the demands of campaigning.  His selection of Sarah Palin only underlined his Dole like candidacy.

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Follow that up with the out-of-nowhere emergence of the Tea Party.  To the establishment, assumptions of a quick eruption gave way to dire hopes that these upstarts would die of a natural death.  Again, wrong.

The next Republican loss directly affected their clandestine shenanigans, when out of the shadows emerged their RINO identities.  After decades of wondering why nothing ever seemed to change, no matter who was elected, this one awakening of the back room deals and the un-named shadowy players seemed to give voters the missing piece.

As a result of this new public awareness, Republican leadership has become more responsive, or at east more concerned with improper appearances.  There is a higher level of public expectation for accountability when realizing that, along with the usual Democrat obstinance, another factor is clogging the gears.

Trump vs EveryoneThink back for a moment to the pre-Obama George Bush days.  It was a period prior to RINO awareness or Tea Party unity.  A time that for all our wants and desires, nothing seemed to change.  While Obama won in 2008, his “elections have consequences” quip now applies more than ever.

The final injury to the Republican “get alongism” came in the persona of Donald Trump.  Again, out of nowhere, when events were running as expected, one of their own, a highly successful businessman, who normally and should be only concerned with acquiring more money, emerged.

Here was an American, who by all accounts was not even a bona fide conservative, having only joined the Republican ranks after voting for Obama in 2008.  Why and how dare this billionaire enter into what is none of his business?  And, he’s supposedly from their ranks!  So, as one month drags into many, those moneyed people, along with those of the Republican leadership, are now in a quandary since they consider Trump to be an uninvited guest.  More to the point and despite all their behind the scene ploys, for the first time, they also remain helpless.

So yes, Trump’s most formidable opponent comes from his own ranks, both found within the political and corporate sectors.

As 2016 unfolds with the usual slate of primaries and subsequent news reports, it is becoming obvious that he regards his political adversary, namely Clinton, to be more of an itch than a threat.  Enlisting her husband’s ole boy campaign charm both validates her floundering campaign while providing Trump with more than enough ammunition.

In closing, while Obama has been a total Constitutional disaster from day one, he has brought beneficial revelations to our frustrated conservative base. Since 2008, all the items previously mentioned are to his credit.  Without his defiance and arrogance against anything American, I doubt if our energy would be what it is today.

Life teaches us that nothing is perfect, especially in politics, but clearly America stands at her abyss.  We need a saving reversal and quickly.  Trump offers that opportunity like no other.  I suppose the best judgment of his potential as President comes from those that are aligned against him.  Just from the political world, how many detractors are from the RINO ranks?

The final query rests with we the voter.  Aren’t those that rile against Trump the same that have caused our contempt?  See you in November!

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