The Problem with Muslim Immigration is a Lack of Integration

Integration, not Immigration

Immigrants made America great. We cannot deny that. We are a nation of immigrants, a nation of hard workers, a nation of good people.

To this day we have immigrants coming into this country who contribute greatly to our country. Their key to success? Integration. When entering a new place with a new society and a new culture people must adapt and conform to their new home. After all, that society does not need the immigrant. Rather, the immigrant needs the society.

America is a liberal society with liberal values (real liberalism, not the modern version) that values freedom above all else. The freedom to practice your own religion is included in that freedom, only if the immigrant realizes that our government is based on the separation of church and state, and their religion cannot be used to govern their new home.

The most modern example of this is Islam and their lack of integration in Europe. For this case, we will look at Middle Eastern immigrants in Germany and how productive they are compared to Balkan immigrants.

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The most frightening statistic is that 7% of the immigrants believe jihad is an acceptable way to combat “foreign ideologies.” That 7% figure seems low on the surface until you realize that there are 3,000,000 immigrants in Germany, and there are 210,000 of them that support jihad (as of June, 2016 in a survey taken among Levant migrants, minus Israel), and these people have the potential to radicalize other young Muslims.

Breitbart reports that Germany is set to spend billions on integrating migrants but studies show that this money will be wasted, as well as real-life facts that can be seen by the naked eye. All we need to do is look at the Cologne mass rape against German women by Muslim immigrants who were “vetted” and allowed into Germany by Merkel’s nutty open-door policy.

There are German towns that seem more like Syrian cities than German towns. Young German Muslim immigrants say they should not have to integrate, and therefore refuse to. If you want to learn more, go to YouTube and watch Sargon of Akkad’s videos on immigration. He is a British commentator who does a much better job of describing the problems facing both Britain and Europe due to the Muslim problem.

Sadly, the regressive left (minus Bill Maher) fails to identify the problem that Islam poses to civilization. Allowing mass immigration into the U.S. will only pose more problems than we already have, and you can thank the Social Justice Warriors and safe-space culture for this fear.

If you want to know about how primal Islam is, look at the Ohio State attack, which was launched by the attacker (name withheld to prevent giving him prestige), because he had trouble finding a place to pray.

To show a more personal example, a month or so ago in my Theology course at Saint Louis University my professor asked the Muslim students to give their perspectives on Islam, and one student said that no matter what we hear, Islam is a peaceful religion. When pressed by a fellow student about the Koran’s message of violence the Muslim simply said that the Koran doesn’t say that.

My friends, we are facing a cancer in the form of Islam that is trying to get in to our glorious and Sacred society. The regressive left calls us hateful for refusing to allow these Muslim immigrants into our country.

But there is a viable reason for concern that mass immigration poses – namely, by the low odds of integration and the inevitable end of our free society which would be toppled by fundamentalist Muslims who would replace our liberal democracy with a theocratic government that will have all Christians, Jews, people of color, and gays killed and allow the rape of our women. We must stop this cancer from coming into existence.

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