The “Pro-Choice” Defense for Planned Parenthood is a Failure

The wonderful folks at Life Site News have been fighting against the American genocide of abortion for years, and they’ve recently developed an excellent video resource for you to share with all of your friends who just can’t decide whether or not Planned Parenthood is really evil.

In a video titled “A Pro-Choice Defense,” the folks from Life Site News one by one take the arguments being given in defense of Planned Parenthood and unmask them for the ridiculous rationalizations that they are. If the media and Planned Parenthood supporters on the left were honest with themselves and actually thought through the things that they were saying… I hope they would realize how monstrous these arguments truly are.

Using the true story of Nazi doctor Julius Hallervorden, Life Site News exposes the disgusting rationalizations from the left as the immoral ramblings they truly are.

While much of the public debate has focused on whether what Planned Parenthood is doing is technically legal or not, we believe that the much important question is whether what it is doing is right or not.

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When Nazi physician and neuroscientist Dr. Julius Hallervorden learned that the Reich was killing mentally ill patients en masse as part of their eugenics program, he urged Nazi officials to harvest their brains and send them to him, so he could use them for scientific research. According to the Nuremberg trial records, he accepted many “hundreds” of brains harvested in this fashion. “Where they came from, and how they came to me, was really none of my business,” he said.

Everything Dr. Julius Hallervorden did was perfectly legal. He justified what he was doing by arguing that the brain tissue was critical for scientific research.

But what he did was horrifically evil.

The awesomest ‘pro-choice’ defense of Planned Parenthood…ever. This seriously needs to go viral. 

After watching and sharing the video, please consider helping us reach more people with the truth about Planned Parenthood’s gruesome aborted baby part trade. In the past month alone, millions of people have come to our website to read our coverage of the Planned Parenthood scandal. But we want to reach tens of millions more!

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