The Only Democrat worth Mentioning is Jim Webb, Which is Why he Can’t Win

Perhaps the most important clarifying moment of the Democrat debate came when the Democrat candidates named the enemies they are most proud to have made.

Lincoln Chafee: The Coal Lobby, because he’s worked so darned hard to fight against Climate Change.

Martin O’Malley: The National Rifle Association, because he’s worked so darned hard to take away Americans Constitutional liberties.

Bernie Sanders: Wall Street and the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Hillary Clinton: The NRA, the Health Insurance Companies, the Drug Companies, the Iranians, and the Republicans.


Jim Webb: the Vietcong Soldier who threw the grenade that wounded me… but he’s not around anymore… cause I killed him.

I’m going to ignore the idiotic Chafee who hasn’t made a dent in the Climate Change debate. I’m going to ignore the gun grabbing Martin O’Malley who just told at least 1/3 of the country that he doesn’t represent them and he’s told everyone else that he is totally cool with killing your constitutional freedoms. I’m going to ignore Bernie Sanders because he’s a socialist whose ideas have been proven wrong time and again over the last 100 years and if you still haven’t figured that out then you deserve to be hit in the head with a tack hammer.

I won’t ignore Hillary Clinton’s very bad, horrible, no-good response.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t done a single thing to fight the Health Insurance industry in America, folks. In fact, Clinton and her buddies in the Democrat Party have given the Health Insurance industry their biggest profits EVER. Clinton and the Democrats have given the Health Insurance industry the greatest gift they could have asked for… every law abiding American is now REQUIRED to buy health insurance from these very companies she is fighting. Under the Democrat Party’s watch healthcare prices have skyrocketed, and again, the insurance companies are seeing record profits. It doesn’t sound like there should be any animosity there.

The Iranians? Seriously? The Iranians who the Obama administration just made a ridiculous, millions of lives threatened deal with? The same Iranians who have wholeheartedly embraced the Obama administration’s deal? The same Iranians who have been beating the Obama administration at every turn? No, Mrs. Clinton, they don’t view you as an enemy… they think you are a godsend to their corrupt and evil government.

Jim Webb D-VALastly, and worst of all, the Republicans? Really? Dear reader, imagine with me for a second that in a GOP presidential debate Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz had said that he was MOST PROUD of making enemies of the Democrat Party… what would Washington and the media’s reaction be? They would go apoplectic. Liberal writers in New York, LA and DC would be burning out ink pens because they were writing such furious responses to those evil, narrow-minded and unkind words.

Why, the very notion that a Republican would consider another American their enemy simply because they disagreed on politics! A travesty, I tell you!

But when Clinton says it of Republicans… *yawn*. Shouldn’t this answer, in and of itself, disqualify her from being President? How is she supposed to “work with” the very people she is most proud to have alienated and enemy-fied? Doesn’t seem like it would be possible to me, and I think that most Americans believe the President should be able to lead (both parties) to work together.

While Clinton’s response may have been the most perturbing, it was made far worse in light of the best response of the group. That of Jim Webb. Now, I disagree with much of what Jim Webb says and believes, but the man is a bona fide American hero. He was also the only candidate standing on that stage who deserves to be considered for the position of President of the United States.

While the rest of that motley crew were listing of the many Americans that they were proud to have turned into enemies, Webb didn’t mention any political opponents. No, he mentioned an opponent to our nation. The Vietcong. The commies who were part of that vast wave of evil that threatened to engulf our planet in the 20th Century. In fact, Webb did more than just give a true enemy, he told us that the took care of that enemy so we wouldn’t have to.

After the first debate, it’s crystal clear, Jim Webb is the only Democrat candidate worthy of being considered… and because he is, he doesn’t actually stand a chance.

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