The Obviously NOT Contained Evil that is ISIS


On November 12, 2015 ABC News aired an interview that George Stephanopoulos had conducted with President Obama earlier in the week. During their discussion, Obama defensively argued that contrary to all of the anecdotal and very visible evidence – ISIS was “contained.” What followed in the days after his interview would put a gigantic exclamation point on the idea that President Obama may very well be the most disconnected, ignorant and arrogant President in the history of our nation.

The day after the interview aired, ISIS carried out the deadliest attack on European soil since 2004 when Muslim terrorists carried out a bomb attack in Madrid, Spain killing almost 200 people and injuring almost 2000 others. On November 13, Muslim terrorists aligned with ISIS carried out a large scale assault on Paris proving to the world how empty President Obama’s words had been.

However, the Paris attack was wholly unnecessary as evidence to that truth. Why? Because ISIS had already conducted several devastating attacks around the world in the weeks before Obama’s terrible comments. In fact, since October 10, 2015, ISIS has carried out 6 major terrorist attacks around the world in stark opposition to President Obama’s ignorant comments about ISIS being contained.

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obama-isisOn October 10: 102 people were killed when ISIS terrorists detonated bombs during a peace demonstration in Ankara, Turkey.

On October 31: ISIS detonated a bomb on board a Metrojet flight from Egypt on its way to Russia killing 224 innocent people.

On November 10: ISIS Suicide bombers detonated themselves in the middle of a crowded marketplace in downtown Beirut, Lebanon murdering 43 people.

On November 13: ISIS operatives initiated seven different coordinated terrorist attacks took place simultaneously around the city of Paris in France. 368 people were injured, 130 people were killed, and the city of Paris was rocked by the deadliest assault on France since WWII.

On November 24: ISIS in Tunisia carried out an attack on the government, detonating a bomb on board a bus filled with members of the presidential guard. At least 12 people traveling on the bus were killed.

On December 2: Two Muslims who were inspired by ISIS (and had given their allegiance to ISIS) attacked a workplace Christmas party in San Bernardino, California killing 14 people.

Far from being contained, ISIS is expanding their influence and growing ever more dangerous. The 2016 presidential elections can’t come soon enough; allowing Obama to be President for even just one more year likely means thousands more people will die.

On CNN, Michael Weiss of the Daily Beast explains some of the reasons why President Obama is a laughingstock in the Middle East and around the world.

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