The Obamacare Menu Rules Are About to Be Ended

Restaurants had to provide calorie counts for every possible meal combination on their menus to conform to Obamacare menu rules.

Congress is about to rescind the Obamacare menu rules. The problem is this will only be making the menu requirements less burdensome. They ought to get rid of them altogether. If customers demand calorie counts or other nutritional information about their food, the restaurants will do what it takes to keep customers happy.

The Washington Examiner reports, “House sets vote to ease Obamacare rules on menu labels.

House Republicans next week are expected to call up a bipartisan bill that would take the sting out of Obamacare’s rules that require restaurants and other retail food establishments to provide calorie counts and other nutritional information to customers.

The Obamacare rules sparked outrage by some Republicans who said they would create a significant burden on coffee shops, pizza parlors, and others to comply. Since then, many restaurants have adapted, but a group of Republicans and Democrats are still pushing for ways to ease the impact of the rule.

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The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., would make a few major changes to the rules.

Here’s how the story was covered three years ago:

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