The Obama Administration is Ruining the Military… but is it On Purpose?


Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is Ruining the Military


I’m no fan of mixing genders in the military.  Rowan Scarborough’s in the Washington Times, points out without  pointing fingers that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ruining the fabric of the military by integrating women into boot camp and combat.


What are we playing dating game?  Mabus is creating a love situation between sexes rather than a violent situation towards killing our enemies. Romance is a distorting disease that could infect the neutrality  of necessary violence.


Scarborough does not say it but he points out how former marines in Congress are offended by Mabus’ political correct bullying. Armies have been primarily male for generations and a liberal, sexually confused person like Mabus’  promoting coed armies  is arrogant and stupid.


The military is not some sort of political experiment where we substitute equality of opportunity for de facto equality when there are different sexual levels of strength.


Women are weaker than men.  That is scientific not political.


And with most of our wars in the Middle East how does Mabus think we will look to the Muslims when we are sending our women to fight?  They will laugh, feel superior to us and then rape our women.  If they are raping civilian women in Cologne, what do you think they will do to our military women?


Liberal fools think that men and women are equal in battle.  But women are weaker and if they are captured they will face harsh punishments like rape.


Mabus thinks he is a promoter of equality by sending over our women to be laughed at, out-muscled and sexually abused.   


Nice guy this Mabus.  He is like all liberals, he doesn’t understand the consequences of his foolish ideology. He weakens us, endangers our women and  emboldens our enemy.


Mobus is like Obama.  He trades airy-fairy ideas for actualities.

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