The Obama Administration is Leaving Hundreds of Americans Stranded in Yemen – Hiding from Al Qaeda, Iran and ISIS

Our ally, the nation of Yemen, collapsed weeks ago when the US supported leadership there fled for their lives. In the days immediately following, hundreds of Americans fled the country and hundreds of more tried to… many of them are still there. In fact, in an almost unprecedented move, it seems that the Obama administration has decided not to launch an evacuation of the last remaining Americans in Yemen.

At least eight other countries, including Russia, China, India have rescued their citizens [from Yemen], but the U.S. has refused to launch an evacuation effort, fearing an attack by al-Qaeda backed rebels or Iran-backed Houthis if they sent U.S. planes or ships. There are more than 700 U.S. citizens trapped in wartorn Yemen, the airports are destroyed and the ports closed. 

It is very unusual for the State Department not to help the Americans who are stranded, they usually request an ordered evacuation from the Pentagon. They evacuated Americans from Egypt during the Arab Spring, and 15,000 Americans from Lebanon in 2006 when war broke out with Israel.


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