The #NeverTrumpers were Wrong about President Trump

Here’s what Hanson had to say about the NeverTrumpers and the collapse of the Democrat Party

Victor Davis Hanson is about as brilliant as they come, and he’s been commenting on Washington politics for a very long time.

So when he says that the #NeverTrumpers were wrong about what kind of President Donald Trump would be, we should all be listening to what he has to say.

Hanson appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson earlier this week to explain why it seems that the Democrats have moved from angry to insane, and why the conservative NeverTrumpers should get on board with the GOP.

Here’s what Hanson had to say about the NeverTrumpers and the collapse of the Democrat Party:

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Barack Obama got elected twice but he was an ungodly disaster for the Democratic party. They lost the supermajority, they lost the Senate, they lost the House, they lost 1,000 local state and local offices, they’re going to lose the Supreme Court. And they can’t come to grips with the fact that they control popular cultural — sports, universities, the media — but that turns into this type of street theater you referenced. It doesn’t transfer into actual political power and they’re very frustrated.

The Never Trumpers told us that Trump would be a moderate or a liberal. He wasn’t. The Heritage Foundation said he was more conservative in his first 2 years than Ronald Reagan. The left said he was going to implode or that the Mueller investigation, or impeachment, or the emoluments clause, or they were going to sue under the 25th Amendment. None of that happened. So Trump is almost 50% approval rating.

And the final thing is there’s no alternative agenda. We don’t know what your speaker, your guest, what do they feel about taxes? Do they want more government? More regulation? Less? Is the Iran deal good or bad? We don’t hear any of that. Instead, they fixate on somebody like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, kind of an obscure 28-year-old who won an election with 20% turnout and suddenly that’s a metaphor for a brave new world. So it’s a frustration that they don’t translate their cultural influence into raw political power.

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