The Muslim Emigration to Europe & America: Or, Hijra as Jihad

“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations to settle and wide abundance.  And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, and then death overtakes him, his reward has already been established with Allah.  And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.”  —Koran 4:100


The Umma

Muslims live within the context of the Islamic community—the umma—and are taught that Muslims are morally superior to Kafirs (non-Muslims) and deserve to hold power over them.  Thus, Muslims are prohibited from living in countries where Islam is disrespected and Muslims are not free to exercise their beliefs.


The West

The Western world has a tradition of tolerance that permits all groups the free exercise of religious conscience.  Islam has taken advantage of this fact by emigrating out of Muslim countries to the West.


Culture War

Islam has instituted a culture war against the West which involves the way that Islam turns the cultural values of the West into a weapon to use against Western host countries.  For example, although Islam is not a moral religion in the Western sense (since it embraces wife-beating, female-genital-mutilation, pedophilia, slavery, gay-bashing, honor-killing, Kafir-beheading, and genocide against Kafirs), Muslims still claim religious-conscience protections for their physically violence and sexually perversion.


Muslim Rioting

Muslim Riots in EuropeOnce established in a Western host country, Muslims begin to make demands that the criminal lifestyles of their bad-actors be tolerated.  They also demand to be supported by government welfare programs.  And, if any disrespect is reported against Islam (such as an instance of someone’s burning the Koran), in any part of the world, Muslims often demonstrate their displeasure by rioting in their communities, destroying property, setting fires, and killing innocents.


War-torn Islam

When a part of the Muslim world is wracked by war, rather than come to the victims’ rescue, the rest of the umma sees to it that the victims of the war-torn region have no permanent place in the Muslim world to go.  We saw this when Israel became a country in 1948, and Muslims fled to Arab countries out of anti-Semitism and fear, only to find themselves put into tents and not welcomed permanently into the fold of resident Arabs.  Many of those tented communities still exist in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan—holding over five million occupants to this day!


The Hijra

The first hijra—also called, in traditional English, the hegira—was the migration of Muhammad and his followers, in 622, from Mecca to Yathrib—that Muhammad would later rename Medina.  Muhammad became a warlord after the hijra, and Islam flourished in its new home.  Koran 4:100 suggests that one way to plant the seed of Islam in a new place is through emigration, and anyone who does this is blessed by Allah with a place in the afterlife.


European Emigration

Muslim Refugees AustriaBy continuing the policy of inhospitality to Muslim victims of war, the Islamic world ensures that there remains an incentive for those victims to emigrate to other areas to plant the seed of Islam.  What is afoot today is nothing less than a mass hijra from war-torn areas of the Mid-East into Europe.


Hungarian Jihad

Because the Hungarians experienced 150 years of fighting Muslim Ottoman Turks—which caused a brutal reduction in the population numbers of ethnic Hungarians—the Hungarian government today does not wish to welcome Muslims into their country with open arms, no matter how badly matters in war-wracked Syria may have devolved.  The goal of the Hungarian government is to move any Muslims crossing the Hungarian border through their country and onward.  Ancestral memories of life under the Sharia run deep and wide in a populace that does not want it back ever again.


Fertile Muslims

Muslims have an average fertility rate of 8.1 childbirths per couple.  And allowing a large population of Muslims to settle in Hungary, beyond the 26,000 who live there now, would doom the small country to living under the yoke of Sharia Law again, once an eventual Muslim population explosion brings about the outnumbering of native Magyars by Muslims.


Drowned Boy

A little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, drowned, because his father wanted free dental implants in Europe.  The Kurdi family was safe in Turkey with no need to flee and had been living there for three years.  But Turkey did not have as giving a welfare state as European countries, so, to get free teeth, the father Abdullah set out with his family in a rickety boat.  The result for his family was deadly!  (Hear from Aylan’s aunt in Canada about what occurred.)

Aylan Kurdi 2


What Happened

The recent picture of a drowned boy, pictured face-down in a red shirt and blue shorts, was Aylan Kurdi, the same boy who was killed by the recklessness of his father Abdullah, when the 15-foot boat he was in with his family capsized on its way from the Turkish beach resort of Bodrum to the Greek island of Kos, just before dawn on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  Aylan’s 5-year-old brother Galip and his mother Rehan were killed as well.  Only Abdullah survived.  And, on Thursday, September 3, when Abdullah told reporters his version of what had happened, the picture of Aylan, lying with his face in the sand, went viral.


Progressive Con-Job

Aylan KurdiThe picture of Aylan on the beach was staged.  The body did not wash up on that Turkish beach, all perfectly laid out.  The intent was to evoke an emotional response on the part of Europeans and Americans, so that more people might open their hearts to Muslims fleeing from Syria, and, in so doing, Abdullah might redeem himself in the eyes of Muslims and Progressives.  Careful examination of the picture will reveal that the boy’s hair is not tousled; his shirt is not rumpled; his skin is without any bluish discoloration; and his arms extend unnaturally straight by his sides.  This picture is a major confidence game being run by the Progressive media to make it easy to vilify anyone who might argue against admitting Muslims to Western countries.


Terrorist Risks

The fact remains that 1/8 of migrants entering Europe are children, 1/8 are women, and 3/4 are men!  Out of more than 50 Muslim countries in the umma, not one is taking any of these people in.  Not one!  When asked why not, the official answer being given is this: Risk of Terrorism.  They say that they fear infiltration of the fleeing Muslims by ISIS.  It is a refreshingly honest response, as far as it goes.


Real Truth

But the deeper truth is that Muslim countries never welcome refugees from other Muslim countries.  And, in the end, this is finally paying off in the form of a massive migration into Europe, the effects of which will be far-reaching, causing the ultimate Islamization of Europe.


Nuclear Weapons

By not intervening in Syria—when Assad crossed a “red line” that Obama had threatened to do something about, if violated—Obama has fostered a policy of hijra as jihad that would eventually push many, predictably, into Europe, speeding up the Islamization of the Eurozone and, therefore, of France and England, both of which are in possession of nuclear arms.  So, in addition to dealing with a nuclear Iran, courtesy of the quisling Obama, America will eventually have to deal with the reality of jihadist states in France and England as well.

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