The Muslim Brotherhood Project to Islamize the West

“It is He [Allah] who has sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth and will make it dominate over all religions, in spite of the idol worshipers.”  —Koran 61:9


The Hegemonic Islamism of Sayyid Qutb

Sayyid Qutb’s political philosophy was, and is, all about the implementation of Political Islam.  Qutb saw Islam—and rightly so—as a complete ideological system of ethics, justice, and governance, whose Sharia principles guide every facet of life.  Qutb’s political ideology promoted a layered approach in instituting the Sharia universally, over time, in a “counter-hegemonic re-articulation of the traditional ideal of Islamic universalism.”  (Read more about Qutb.)

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The Project of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Project is an articulation of a Qutbist approach to Islamizing the West.  The document outlining its implementation is written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982; it was originally discovered by Swiss authorities and subsequently translated into French, English, and other languages.  But knowledge of The Project is still not widespread enough to be a household phrase.  It needs to be.

The intention of The Project is the realization of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, by cultural jihad, known as “creeping Sharia.”  This phased approach—outlined below—is in evidence today throughout the West, aided by Western apologists who have little actual knowledge of the life and the traditions of Muhammad.


A Warning about Taqiyya & the False Self-Reporting of Muslims

It is a mistake to believe Muslims when they self-report about their religion; Muslims typically perform taqiyya—or sacred lying—to protect Islam through misrepresentation to their Western apologists of Islam’s more violent and evil tenets.  Always double-check the Islamic Trilogy for yourself.  (The Trilogy is composed of three sacred texts: The Life of Muhammad (the Sira of Ibn Ishaq—Guillaume’s translation is authoritative), the Traditions of Muhammad (the HadithSahi Bukhari & Sahi Muslim are authoritative), and the Koran (N. J. Dawood’s version is perhaps the best overall translation, since it does not candy-coat the true meaning).


Clueless Apologists

muslim-brotherhood-1The goal of Islam has always been to establish itself worldwide by jihad, the highest form of Islamic worship.  But militarily, Islam has become weak, compared to the West.  So the jihad has shifted to cultural methods.  And much use is made of naïve apologists—who trust all Muslims to be honest about Islam.  After all, Jews and Christians are trusted self-reporters.  However, Jews and Christians believe in a universal Golden Rule and see everyone as their neighbor; Muslims follow a Muhammadan Rule instructing Muslims never to be friends with non-Muslims and, in fact, to deceive them to give Islam an advantage.

Well-meaning, but clueless, people often make rules allowing the Sharia to be implemented.  Many liberal cities are now (without fully understanding the consequences) considering the allowing of Sharia Law courts.  But this brand of Progressivism is dangerous and will slowly erode Constitutional protections for individual rights over time, if implemented.


The Phases of The Project

The Project is based on Sayyid Qutb’s M’alim fi al-Tariq, or Milestones, a 12-chapter work published in 1964, in which Qutb lays out his plan to re-create the world, according to Islamic doctrine, by casting out all jahiliyyah, or culture lacking any basis in Islam.  This 12-point action plan boils down to five phases.  The following division of phases is based on one that was provided, courtesy of Robert Reyto:

1) the secret establishment of Islamic leadership (such as the quiet building of Islamic centers, accompanied by the hiring of Muslim clerics);

2) the gradual infiltration into respected community groups (like the PTA, Sierra Club, and trade unions), followed by activities to gain sympathy as well as a launch-pad for eventual infiltration into government;

3) the escalation of an Islamic media presence, prior to open confrontation (for example, posting Islamically-based opinions and accusations of Islamophobia in commentary sections of Internet news stories or Facebook pages);

4) putting pressure on government institutions, as well as recruitment and weapons training for Islamic operatives (such as pressure on the military to incorporate Muslim practices and of Islamic paramilitary compounds in Islamberg and other locales across America);

5) seizing political power needed to establish an Islamic nation (like the election of Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison or pro-Iran President Barack Hussein Obama).


Some Specifics

If you read The Project, you find specifics that are well-phrased, well-thought-out, and which encompass a great deal within the space of a few words.  For example, there is this goal: “To continue to educate individuals and generations and to guarantee the training of specialists in various areas according to a previously designed plan.”  The plan is really to indoctrinate, rather than educate, subject-matter experts, who end up with PhDs and other credentials.  The goal is to get these “experts” to think about Islam how the Brotherhood wants them to think.  Also, there is this goal: “To construct social, economic, scientific, and health institutions and penetrate the domain of the social services, in order to be in contact with the people and to serve them by means of Islamic institutions.”  This is all about establishing charities and community groups to popularize the use of Muslim institutions, possibly encouraging dependency by those who might become Islamic sycophants willing to defend Islam.  (Read the full text here.)


The Growing Importance of the Second Amendment

guncontrolThe impact of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Project is growing throughout the West.  Yet most Westerners remain unaware of its existence.  The Muslim attacks on Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, the Garland Draw-Muhammad Art Contest, and the Chattanooga Marine Recruitment Center are all outgrowths of the Brotherhood’s prescriptions.  In America, we have the civil right to bear arms.  The right to self-defense does not exist for the French people, which makes terrorism easy to perpetrate.  However, Muslim terrorists—within their French Sharia No-Go Zones—are allowed, by Islamic authorities, to possess AK-47s!

With 35 Islamic armed-militia compounds in 22 states, and with ISIS encamped eight miles from the American-Mexican border, Americans need their natural right to bear arms, in order to impair the working conditions for terrorists.  Islamberg is the best-known among these camps.  Evidence suggests that convicts live within these jihadist training-grounds, while committing crimes to raise the blood-money needed for jihad.  (Read more here.)


Front Groups

Here is a partial list of fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood in America: Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Youth of North America, Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada, Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers, Islamic Medical Association (of North America), Islamic Teaching Center, Foundation for International Development, North American Islamic Trust, Islamic Centers Division, American Trust Publications, Islamic Book Service, Islamic Circle of North America, Islamic Association for Palestine, United Association for Studies and Research, International Institute of Islamic Thought, Muslim Communities Association, Association of Muslim Social Scientists (of North America), Islamic Housing Cooperative, Muslim Businessmen Association, Islamic Education Department, Occupied Land Fund (later known as the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development), Mercy International Association, Islamic Information Center (of America).

By establishing front groups, the Brotherhood has emulated the Communist tactic of creating a web of interlocking groups, to confuse its enemies.  (A more complete listing of Muslim Brotherhood fronts can be found here.)


The Danger in Allowing Sharia Law

Islamic infiltration and creeping Sharia are, taken together, the greatest risks to Western freedom today.  In every society that has allowed Sharia Law to take root, all semblance of freedom and democracy has been wiped out, in the end.  Islam brooks no freedom of thought or action, since that would entail the right to criticize Muhammad or to renounce Islam, both of which are considered apostasy and, therefore, punishable by death.  (Read more here and here.)  To protect Americans’ rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Sharia Law must be banned throughout America, according to the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.  And an awareness of how Muslims are planning to implement The Program is of paramount importance to understand.  Only by recognizing the enemy and by naming the enemy’s methods can we prevail against cultural Islamic jihad.

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